Addison Rae Officially Broke Up With Bryce Hall

2020 is once again not being fair. As another favorite TikTok celebrity plans to part away from her boyfriend. Yes, guys, Addison Rae has confirmed in a recent tweet that she is single. This means she is officially ending things with Bryce Hall and moving on after 10 months of their on and off going relationship. A lot of Bradisson fans are still really confused about the reason behind this breakup.

Addison Rae And Bryce Hall’s Relationship’s Quick Timeline

So we all know how Addison and Bryce’s relationship was going through a bumpy ride from the past ten months. There were some good days and then there were some bad days. But August has been a little disastrous for the couple.

Firstly, Bryce was caught up in a lot of drama that has put him in a very awkward position. In 2017, Bryce peed off from a balcony, fought with Zach Clayton, had a rip-roaring fight with Tana Mongeau.

Then Bryce was arrested for drug charges with a fellow TikToker. And now he has been caught up in a massive scandal for having a huge birthday bash during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. That’s just not it. A lot of videos of female strippers dancing all over him were circulating on social media too.

Due to Bryce’s non-serious behavior, the electricity of his house was turned off by the Mayor. And now he is facing a lot of other consequences.

On the other hand, Addison’s TikTok account was hacked on the day of Bryce’s birthday. And a few weeks before the party, Addison deleted photos and videos with Bryce from her social media.

Addison Rae Just Announced That She Is Single

Seems like Addison Rae has had enough of Bryce Hall. As she has finally called it quits with him in a recent tweet.

“single and ready to jingle. anyways Christmas is literally in 4 months wt*.”

A lot of fans are happy with Addison Rae’s decision for finally ending things with Bryce Hall. She got really upset when the stripping videos from Bryce’s birthday started circulating on the internet. Fans started to question her why wasn’t she present on Bryce’s 21st birthday bash. And if they are still in a relationship or not.


Bryce has not made any statement regarding the breakup. Both Bryce and Addison are still following each other on social media. So it can be assumed they have ended things on a good note. Because they might be crossing ways with each other a lot of times as they have a lot of mutual friends.

After, Addison Rae announced the news that she is officially single, her fans have already started shipping her with Harry Jowsey of Too Hot To Handle. Maybe we all should just take a chill pill and let Addison decide what’s best for her and what’s not.

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