Bryce Hall turns 21, gets cancelled for hosting huge party amid pandemic

Bryce Hall is not just famous for his TikTok content creation, he is also turning into a YouTuber. Meanwhile, Bryce and the Sway Boys are focusing on promoting Triller. But that’s not what had him trending on Twitter for the first time. He just turned 21, and he asked his fans to help him trend on Twitter. What he might not be expecting, was a backlash on Twitter after seeing the size of his birthday party and the activities involved in it. California has currently 613k confirmed cases reported and the number just keeps jumping.

Motto: You don’t turn 21 every day

It’s not just the Sway Boys who are hosting parties amidst the global pandemic, and not laying low about it. They post everything on their Instagram stories and expect people to either overlook whatever they are posting, or not retaliate for breaking the safety protocol. Whenever we see Bryce Hall and his fellow boys out and about, they are wearing masks. However, when you are hosting a party of around 100 people (assumed number), you should be more careful.

Bryce Hall has finally reached the legal age to try his alcohol without worrying about the cops. That’s why, he was too excited to share boxes of White Claw stacked on his kitchen counter while the Sway Boys were preparing for his birthday party. He was also heard saying, “We might need more for tonight”.

Blake Gray, one of the members of Sway House, also posted a picture of his shopping cart filled with boxes of cond*ms.

That’s not all, they also had a stripper dressed in Police Uniform. There were female strippers as well, whose clips cannot be shared here for very obvious reasons. A digital creator, Carter Reynolds, shared some interesting shots from Bryce Hall’s 21st birthday party.

He also shared Bryce Hall’s birthday speech where Bryce said that he could finally buy his own alcohol legally, without stealing someone else’s ID.

There is also a clip going viral that shows cops outside the Sway House. However, the jury is still out whether it was the stripper’s car or the real cops.

Bryce Hall gets cancelled

If you see the video clips, you would know why the internet is reacting to Bryce Hall’s 21st birthday party. There is hardly a distance of 6 inches between people, just forget about the 6 feet rule. Moreover, the list of influencers that attended the birthday party is also going viral on the internet. The list includes Josh Richards, Taylor Holder, Jaden Hossler, Darianka, Nick Bean, Avani, Mads Lewis, Harry Jowsey, FaZe Banks, Nate Wyatt and more.

Seeing how most of the people did not really bother about being careful after Larray’s birthday party backlash, some of the people are not happy at all.

On the other hand, Bryce Hall’s on-and-off girlfriend Addison Rae was not at the party. Moreover, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Nessa Barrett and Griffin Johnson were not seen at the party as well. Do you think the party guests will issue an apology for partying while they should not be? Sway Boys have been hosting parties back to back this week. There has been no apology yet.

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