Jeffree Star Is Not Dating Jozea Rose

We know how Jeffree Star has been showing off this beautiful hunk ‘Jozea Rose’ on his Instagram stories. A lot of fans were thinking that Jozea is probably a rebound. Because Jeffree was not seen getting cozy with any other guy after his breakup with Nathan Schwandt. That is until Jozea came into the picture.

Later, the beauty mogul stirred havoc on social media when he posted the video ‘ First Date Does My Makeup‘. Some people thought Jeffree was officially dating.  But Jeffree Star addressed a couple of rumors in his recent YouTube video and explained that he is not dating anybody at the moment.

Jeffree Star and Jozea Rose’s Relationship

Now we all know that Jeffree has been single for a few months. As he just wanted to focus more on his mental health and work. Then one day this hot guy ‘Jozea Rose’ appeared bu*t nak*d in Jeffree’s Instagram story. And fans went totally crazy after that.

It was a piece of really shocking news for everyone. But anyway, the ‘first date’ shows many talents and one of them is having amazing makeup skills. Jeffree shared in the video:

“I want to go on a date. Can you imagine Jeffree Star on a date? BREAKING NEWS. So I thought lemme go on a date with a few guys. let me put my feet in the water”.

Well, we all really want him to move on. Because isn’t this what we all do when we are having a really hard time coping up with a painful breakup? We have to leave past in the past in order to move forward and heal faster.

“So someone is coming over right now. We don’t know each other at all. We hung out for an hour the other day and we vibed. So I thought okay let me go on a date with this person.”

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Who dived into the DMs first?

A lot of fans were assuming that Jozea was the one who slipped into Jeffree’s DMs. But surprisingly, Jeffree was the one who slipped into Jozea Rose’s DMs.

“I Dm to you ‘Good Morning’ And you (Jozea)  responded. And here we are. I was just scrolling one day and randomly your face was like ‘BAM’. And I was like ‘Oh Good Morning’.”

Now let’s see what Jozea was thinking when he got the DM from Jeffree:

“You know what, when I see the Dm and I see the blue check. I was like wait a minute, this is random. And when I opened it I was like ‘oooooh’, I am into this.”

Jeffree further added that they are both not looking for anything serious. And Jozea totally agreed with him. They just wanted to hang out together and enjoy each other’s company without getting any strings attached.

In a recent video, the beauty mogul mentioned that he is pretty much single at the moment. And he is not looking for anything serious. So all the Jeffree Star fans who slip into Jozea’s Instagram Live Sessions should avoid asking him these kinds of questions.

J-Star is pretty much single and he might not be ready to mingle. Stay tuned for more updates on Jeffree Star’s relationship/love life.

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