Did the Stauffers lie to the police regarding their Adoption case?

People were furious when they heard about the Stauffers case. Myka Stauffer has a family YouTube channel. She and her husband adopted a Chinese Autistic son and filmed the whole adoption process. Then they made the decision to rehome their son because they were not able to properly cater to his needs, as per them. The internet was furious at this because many thought that the adoption was just a stunt as they monetized all of their videos. But the story gets even more twisted than that. Apparently, they lied about their adoption details to the police.

What did Myka Stauffer lie about?

A YouTuber, who goes by the name Def Noodles, pointed out this lie where she mentions to the police about the donations she got. Apparently, to help get the adoption had taken place, they opened a GoFundMe page. In the Buzzfeed article that Def Noodles cites as a source, it’s written that Myka Stauffer received $800 in donations.

In the article, it’s stated:

The Stauffers claimed that they raised $800 from the fundraiser, which they used for the initial screening by an adoption agency. They claimed the adoption cost $42,000 total.

However, Def Noodles points out that Myka Stauffer in her own video shared their method of raising funds. She shared:

Qe’ll have a link to the fundraiser if you guys want to donate in the description box below but we have a thousand-piece puzzle and every time someone donates each puzzle piece is worth five dollars.

Def Noodles that way you can raise up a lot of money. However, in her own video, Myka Stauffer stated the exact amount they raised:

We wanted to thank each and every one of you that have donated to his adoption fundraiser it’s truly amazing thank you so much we raised a thousand and nine hundred dollars.

Def Noodles emphasizes that they are lying about the money they raised from the donations. They told the police they only generated $800 when in their own video they say the amount is $1,900.


Is that the only thing they lied about?

Moreover, other things that Myka Stauffer and her husband James may have lied about would be how difficult their adopted son Huxley is. He did need more care since he was autistic. But they may have been fabricating some lies about Huxley being too aggressive.

Let’s see if this matter gets more investigation into it or not. There was an investigation on Stauffers’ children and Huxley. It was found that no abuse had happened to the kids. There was also found that the adoption process was legal and no human trafficking had taken place.

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