James Charles wants David Dobrik to be his new Creative Director!

Who blames him?

Even though James Charles’ name is involved in multiple scandals right now, his career is having a great time. His YouTube Reality Series, Instant Influencer, got the confirmation for a season 2. Moreover, he recently hit 20 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Now, in another twist of news, James Charles expresses a desire for David Dobrik to be his new Creative Director. Why? Well, because Dobrik gave James quite an artistic makeup style to put on his face.

James Charles asked his friends to draw his makeup

If anyone is known for being extra creative for his videos, it’s James Charles. In his recent videos, he asked his influencer friends to ‘draw’ his makeup. He asked them on Snapchat, and all of them replied by drawing different drawings and doodles on their own face.

The result was pretty entertaining. The friends who gave the makeup styles were Dixie D’Amelio, Charli D’Amelio, David Dobrik, Abby Roberts, Addison Rae, Avani, Larray, NikkieTutorials.

He ended up doing Avani’s, Addison Rae’s, Abby Roberts’, and David’s ideas.

Here’s Avani’s makeup look on James Charles face:

David Dobrik’s look was very creative

Here was what the Vlog Squad leader David Dobrik makeup idea:

In the Instagram caption, James Charles writes:

this just in, @daviddobrik officially is my new creative director 💫✨🔥 hahahaha check out today’s new youtube video where my friends drew my makeup looks! 🎨

The makeup look consists of a black smokey-eye with gold star circling around his eye. There are smaller stars on the inner corner of the eyes as well.

James Charles even FaceTimed David Dobrik in the video and David was surprised at the look saying:

James…What the F***! It looks like a filter! Yeah dude, that’s amazing!

In the Instagram caption, David also commented:

Hahahahaha oh my god. Thank you for this opportunity.

It’s probably a joke between these YouTuber friends but who knows? Maybe, one day David will end up being the creative director on some videos of James. Or perhaps he could guest star on Instant Influencer Season 2!

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