Are Chris Evan And Lily James A Thing?

There are so many sad things going around. So, I thought about bringing some hot chocolate for you guys. At least, it’s going to calm your inner self for a short time. So, I am bringing a hot couple alert for you guys. ‘Chris Evans’ aka Captain America is recently seen with the real-life Cindrella ‘Lily James’.

I am finding it really hard to digest this news. So I guess I will probably stay constipated for the next few days.

Chris Evan And Lily James Were Spotted Together

So, the duo was spotted enjoying each other’s company in London recently. They visited a private club aka Mark’s Club in Mayfair and enjoyed the whole evening. Later, these two grabbed a cab together and we don’t know the rest.

As per a few sources, Lily wore a pretty red dress with heels and Chris was seen wearing all black with a contrast of grey shoes. Sadly, no tabloids could get a hold of the new couple.

So I guess we will have to wait for them to go out again. Some sources are also claiming that Chris flew to London a few days ago to start working on his new projects. While Lily was staying low because of the lockdown. But Chris Evan managed to pull her out of her quarantine routine.

I just can’t stop myself from picturing them in some cheesy and cheeky poses.

Relationship History Of Chris & Lily

Evan started dating Jenny Slate from the set of ‘God Gifted’. They were in an on and off relationship for a couple of months and finally decided to part ways in 2018.

On the other hand, Lily James dated Matt Smith for almost five long years and finally decided to part ways on a good note. Matt currently played the role of Prince Phillip in Netflix’s The Crown.

Some sources even claimed that Lily was spotted with Matt in early March this year. So we are not really sure if Lily is in a rebound state or she is looking for something serious. There was speculation Lily and Matt were back together too. Guess we will just have to wait for the couple to make a public announcement.

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