Jeffree Star’s New Boyfriend Jozea Rose Addresses YouTube Beauty Community Drama

Do we all need an introduction of this handsome hunk ‘Jozea Rose’? Clearly not, we have become pretty familiar with his name in the past few days. Fans went super crazy when they saw Jozea on Jeffree Star’s Instagram story for the very first time. One of his biggest as*ets was on display. Many of Jeffree Star’s followers including me are in awe of this man’s beauty. He is literally drool-worthy.

Both Jeffree Star and Jozea Rose Fans lost their cool when they saw ‘First Date Does My Makeup‘ video on Jeffree’s YouTube channel. So, many of them think Jeffree is confirming his new relationship with Jozea.

Let’s Learn A Few More Things About Jozea Rose

So two days ago, Jozea came on his Instagram Live and said a lot of things. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT of things. First things first, our guy here doesn’t want to be called or recognized as Jeffree Star’s new arm candy. According to him, he has done a lot of things in his life and he only wants to be recognized by those things.

What are those things? Well, Jozea is a music artist who recently shot a video song in Miami. Which will be going on air in a few weeks. Jozea was one of the houseguests in Big Brother 2018. He even worked for some renowned makeup brands like Sisley and Mac. His makeup skills are really good.

Jozea is also on OnlyFans. And it’s one of the reasons why he is seen in the gym all the time. Because a killer physique can add fire to anything. Then he also shares that he works hard for everything he does:

“I work hard for my money. I travel the world for my money. And I have a Tv Career. I have been on television for the last seven years. And I have done my own thing. I have my own career just in case you all need to know. And I don’t need any help. I have money in the bank. And I never in life would be broke. And I can assure you that Because I have investments. For all those people who still don’t know me. They can google my name.”

So after saying this, he opens Google and types ‘Jozea Rose’ and says:

“Ooh, Guess what? Currently, right now 42,100 results of people are googling my name in the last 43 seconds. So if you don’t know who I am, You’re absolutely disgusting.”

Guys, just open Google and type his or even your name down in the search engine. Google shows you the number of results currently available and it shows you the time it took for Google to compile it, not the fact that those many people were searching for that name in that time period.

Even as you search Jozea’s name now, it will show like this:

Then he types down ‘Jozea Rose’ Net Worth’ which is $1 Million – $5 Million (Approximately). He further mentions that this is the only time he is openly talking about this whole matter.

Jozea Shares His Thoughts About The Beauty Fraternity

A lot of people were sending him DMs and asking him about Jeffree’s whereabouts. So he came Live on his Instagram and answered all of their questions once and for all.

“I don’t know these people. These people don’t know me. PERIOD, Okay. I want you all to really understand that. I don’t give a s— what they do in their life. Because guess what? I am not nosy and invested in what they do.

If they took a s— right now, do you think I give a f—don’t want to know anything about this YouTube s—. It is not my area of stuff. I don’t care. I only care about my life which is my music career and my tv career. So stay tuned to my new tv show which is coming out on the fall.”

I think somebody really made him super-duper unhappy. He has been saying the same stuff in his previous Instagram Live sessions as well. He just wants people to mind their own business and definitely does not want to be associated with the current Jeffree Star drama.

“Hey, I have a solution. The makeup/beauty world needs a reset.”

Fans may have been pointing out that Jeffree made him more famous but he does not want to credit his success to anyone but himself.

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