Marvel Revealed The Status Of Infinity Stones From Avengers: Endgame

Whether it was intentional or something that Internet has caught, but Marvel has just confirmed the status of all the Infinity Stones which were such an integral part of all previous phases of its movies. Right until Avengers: Endgame, the Stones were the source of true energy, that is until Mr. Stark did something no one thought he would do. Although it was clear that the Stones no longer exist in the world of Marvel, there were some theories that made us believe that perhaps there could be a possibility of their return. However, a recent post by Marvel has confirmed their status and now we can effectively move on to the next phases of the MCU.

Marvel Tells That All Stones Have Been Destroyed

Marvel uploaded an Instagram post where they confirmed that every single stone that ever existed, and was seen in Avengers: Endgame has been destroyed. However, one must know that this is happening only in the main timeline. How Marvel is going to move ahead in the other timelines that the superheroes created thanks to going back in time, is not in this discussion.

As a matter of fact, one must be wary about the other timelines creating a stir in the dimensions to fix their timelines because we already know that Thanos is inevitable in every timeline. Perhaps there is a chance that he might return?

Since that discussion is something for the later time, check out this post by Marvel:

Interesting fact: the movie writers highlighted how only those superheroes ran with the gauntlet in the final fight, who were missing in the most part of the movie. In that final battle, at the location where the Avengers headquarters once stood, superheroes were trying to run towards the time machine van with the gauntlet, exchanging hands like a relay run. Stephen McFeely told:

“You’ll notice that most of the people doing the heavy lifting in that sequence are not the ones you’ve spent two hours with, it’s the ones who just got there, because it’s the only time they’re going to get any screen time.”

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