Kelly Clarkson says “I’ve Been an Emotional Roller Coaster”

Times are rough. Everyone is having difficulty coping with the situation at hand. And then people have their personal troubles to deal with. It can get a bit exhausting. That’s what Kelly Clarkson also feels in the midst of all this chaos.

Kelly sat down for an interview with Glamour UK for their new series ‘Glamour Unfiltered.’ She talked about how she’s coping with everything that’s going on right now. While the entire world has been swept with a global pandemic, things can’t be easy for anyone. And they haven’t been easy for Kelly Clarkson either who admits that she has been “on an emotional rollercoaster.”

She said, “It’s been exhausting. Plus, you know, cooking every meal and cleaning non stop after toddlers and teenagers. And I’m trying to be a healthy distraction for everyone. And it gets old seeing the same sweatshirt, you know, over and over again. So it’s like all the things are crazy.”

Kelly then opened up about how she’s managing everything. She shared she’s lucky in the sense that they’re fortunate. So she’s not complaining. But she definitely had to remind people she works with that they hired a mom. And Kelly is not an absentee mom, she’s more of a full hands on mom. Of course that’s gonna impact her work.

Kelly On Her Personal Life

Kelly Clarkson has also been very open about her parent’s divorce when she was young and her father’s abandonment. She has also written multiple songs about it. In the interview, Kelly admits that this sort of thing doesn’t ever leave you. You just learn to live with it and navigate through it.

Although it’s unclear when exactly the Glamour UK interview was conducted, it was released shortly after news broke that Kelly was signing for divorce from husband, Brandon Blackstock. So we can’t imagine what her quarantine must be like.

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