Niall Horan Addresses Jodie Comer Romance Rumors

It’s safe to say that Niall Horan may be the cheekiest member of One Direction. He always has a laugh with everything and loves playing around.

And that’s what happened when romance rumours between Niall and Jodie Comer surfaced. An eagle eyed fan took to Twitter to put up a picture of a gold ring Nice To Meet Ya singer was seen sporting to an eerily similar gold ring Jodie had on. The fan then captioned the post, “confirmed! niall horan’s new girlfriend is jodie comer!”

Niall, being himself, responded to the fan with a cheeky question. “Confirmed ??,” he said and added a row of laughing emojis. Soon enough all his followers were weighing in with their two cents about the new romance rumours. Was Niall dating Jodie or was it just a coincidence? One fan wrote, “he doesn’t even know who she is girl,” while responding to the fan who had first pointed out the gold ring similarity. However, Niall responded to the tweet saying, “He does.”

This confused the already confused fans. One wrote saying Niall now owed them an explanation. But dating or not, he clearly had his fun with his confused fans.

Niall And Romance Rumours: A Romance

This is not the first time the singer has been in the news because of romance rumours. A guy like Niall Horan, how could it be the first time?

The Slow Hands singer was previously linked with singer Selena Gomez when eyewitnesses claimed they had spotted the two kissing at Jenna Dewan’s 35th Birthday Party. However, a source revealed that the two are just good friends and have kept in touch over the years. Selena even gave him a shout out on her Instagram, asking her fans to stream his music. And when a fan asked the former One Direction member when he’d be collaborating with Selena, he answered he’s ready when she is.

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