Kelly Clarkson and 50 Cent Share How They Explain Black Lives Matter to Their Kids

At the moment, major changing and important conversations are taking place in the US. Similarly, Hollywood is also fully immersed in the issue of racism and racial discrimination. While some celebrities are under-fire for their insensitivity towards it, others are trying to understand it better. Among others, Kelly Clarkson and 50 Cent are talking to their kids about Black Lives Matter.

In order to understand Black Lives Matter, celebrities are bringing their kids to the protests.

When the cop, Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd, no one anticipated that it would lead to protests. However, a lot has changed since and America is serious about taking action against racism. Hollywood is also moving forward in the right direction. This time, celebrities are making sure to educate their kids also. While celebrities like Kelly Clarkson are talking to their kids about Black Lives Matter, others are attending protests with their kids. This long list of celebrities includes Fergie, Ludacris, Milla Jovovich, Jamie Foxx, and January Jones.

Recently, Kelly Clarkson and 50 Cent shared how they talk to their kids about this issue.

Since Floyd’s murder, Kelly Clarkson has started a campaign, #StartTheConversation, which allows her fans to talk about racism on her show. Similarly, she has been talking to her guests about the issue as well. In a recent interview with 50 Cent on The Kelly Clarkson Show, both singers shared how they involve their kids in such conversations. In Da Club rapper, 50 Cent talked about his son, Sire, and said:

“I’m blessed with him only being seven. So, I have to explain why they’re protests. They’re delicate and I always look at him and say I don’t want to overexert these things to him and change his perspective on it at the same time.”

On the other hand, Kelly Clarkson said:

“My little girl [River Rose] is six and it’s like, you know, she catches something, like the news, or something, and I just have to explain it simple and it’s just like, ‘Well, there’s just right and wrong. And this person was wrong and that’s why they’re crying.’ It’s a very different thing and I think as a parent, now more than ever. And I think everybody needs to have that uncomfortable conversation that that exists and that it’s wrong.”

It is always refreshing to see celebrities involved in bringing positive change. With this kind of parenting, there’s hope that the next generation will make better choices than us.

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