George RR Martin Winds Of Winter Update: It’s Coming Next Year!

It’s been 84 years since we’ve been waiting for The Winds of Winter. Okay, I’m lying. It’s been 9 years, but they feel more like a century if we’re being honest. And yet again, we received another update from George RR Martin about its release date. The author claims that the book will finally be finished and released… next year.

George RR Martin gives us yet another deadline

When we heard in March that Martin was safe from the COVID-19 pandemic and writing The Winds of Winter quickly, we were over the moon. Finally, he was going to be free from all the interviews, show productions, etc, and focus on The Winds of Winter.

But, it looks like, despite his pace of writing, we’re getting the book no sooner than next year. In his recent blog post, Martin revealed that he was so isolated that he is literally living in the mountains:

I have to confess, after half a year of pandemic, quarantine, and social distancing, I am showing signs of cabin fever… half of which is quite literal in my case.  Yes, I am in an actual cabin in the mountains.

But, while saying how “heartbroken” he was over CoNewzealand going virtual, he revealed that The Winds of Winter will be finished by next year

… But there is definitely a silver lining in that cloud. I can always visit Wellington next year, when I hope that both Covid-19 and THE WINDS OF WINTER will be done.

So, George RR Martin gives us yet another deadline. However, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t live up to this promise either. His last deadline was for August 2020, and that’s definitely not gonna happen.

He is writing as fast as he can

However, because of isolation, this time George RR Martin might just finish The Winds of Winter. He does say he has incredible momentum, as he finished three chapters in a little over a week. He wrote:

I am spending long hours every day on THE WINDS OF WINTER, and making steady progress. I finished a new chapter yesterday, another one three days ago, another one the previous week.

However, it’s still nothing compared to the pace of writing George RR Martin had back when he was writing A Storm of Swords in 1999. He says that he does have bad days here and there, and prays he could write faster:

I do wish they would go faster, of course. Way way back in 1999, when I was deep in the writing of A STORM OF SWORDS, I was averaging about 150 pages of manuscript a month. I fear I shall never recapture that pace again.

As we all know, The Winds of Winter is the 6th book in George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, which was adapted into the famous HBO show Game of Thrones. And fans are eagerly waiting for it because of how disappointing the ending of the show was. Therefore, everyone is after Martin to finish his work!

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