Jeffree Star’s Mystery Man-Boyfriend ‘Jozea Rose’ Does His Makeup

OMG !! I just can’t believe my eyes. Jeffree Star’s new arm candy “Jozea Rose”  is not just a rebound. Our Star guy has officially started dating him and just announced this big news on his YouTube through a makeup video with the title “First Date Does My Makeup“.

So, we might be seeing a lot of this guy on Jeffree’s social media. Fans are totally shipping the J&J relationship. Not because of Jozea’s hot looks but because he is headstrong and can handle all the drama and negativity which will be coming towards him in a few days.

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Jeffree Star Just Made His Relationship Official With Jozea Rose

As we all have seen, the beauty guru just posted a video on his YouTube channel with the title “First Date Does My Makeup”. Now, we all know Jeffree Star has been single since January 2020 or maybe way before he moved to his million-dollar mansion (only God knows). And he had a really difficult time after breaking up with his one and only long term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt.

Anyways, long story short, Jeffree finally planned to move on and go on a date with this flaming hot guy known as Jozea Rose.

Jeffree posted pictures with this mystery guy on his Instagram and Snap Story on 8th June 2020. And if you still haven’t seen those pictures, all you need to do is go to his new boyfriend Jozea Rose’s Instagram and see for yourself.

” Can you imagine Jeffree Star on a date? BREAKING NEWS. So I thought let me go on a date with a few guys. Let me put my feet in the water. It’s been a minute but I thought okay.

I am an extremist. I love to do some crazy stuff so why don’t the person that I want to go on a date with get me ready. “

Jeffree Star further mentioned that he doesn’t know the guy, like at all. He slid into Jozea’s DMs and that’s how they started talking. They have only met once for an hour and totally loved how they both got along so well.

Jozea Rose/New Boyfriend Does Jeffree Star’s Makeup

So our Star guy planned on surprising his new boyfriend on their very first official date (to Malibu beach) by asking Jozea to do his makeup. He further added that Jozea has been into the beauty world. And he is a man of many talents which includes hosting tv shows, modeling, fitness fanatic, adult content creator, and a singer.

Okay okay !! It’s time to talk about the makeup video now. Jeffree Star welcomes Jozea with a warm hug and takes him to the kitchen. Where he throws the surprise bomb on Jozea by saying I kind of want you to help me get ready and do my makeup.

Umm !! Let’s just take out a minute and see the amount of happiness on Jeffree’s face. He is literally blushing. And he just found out that Jozea was the Creative National Director for the brand  ‘Sisley’. And Jeffree Star really loves the Sisley brand and their super hydrating primer.

I will be going into details later. But let me share a few highlights with you guys. They talked about horoscopes and cracked a few s*x jokes and made fun of some brands. Jozea has worked for ‘Mac’ too and he surely knows how to hold a makeup brush and use it really well.

Some scoop on J&J

Jeffree Star surely has given a few big scoops on his relationship with Jozea. He mentioned that he is not really trying to go into a deep relationship with Jozea. And Jozea, kind of, wants the same. They both have been in serious relationships before and for now, they just want to spend some quality time with each other and that’s it. They don’t want any kind of strings attached.

Jozea, Jeffree Star’s boyfriend, kind of won everybody’s heart through his killer makeup skills and all the gym freak moves which he kind of pulled at the end of the video. That’s just not it. Jeffree surely had a lot of fun too because he had that huge smile on his face. They both seem genuinely into each other.

Let’s see what’s next in store for us. An OnlyFans video or another Makeup video?

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