John Boyega asks Twitter if they want the same old system

John Boyega is a British actor who made his name playing the role of Finn in the Sci-Fi fil Series, “Star Wars” since 2015. He has a BAFTA Rising star award under his belt and has made quite a name for himself within the industry gaining a following for himself on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. He used twitter to tweet out relating to the Black Lives Matter movement going on. Owing to his Black heritage, he tweeted the following:

These words were not only inspirational to his following but also sparked a certain fire. The tweet got a lot of attention and replies from his followers. These replies ranged from John Boyega’s followers agreeing with him to people even pointing out the racial bias deep-rooted into the multinational corporations and other sectors.

John Boyega’s followers give their take on the system.

One of his followers called upon people to help her out with the problem that she was facing personally. She called out the government for basic needs such as housing and asked for people to help her out as she felt alone in this fight.

Hi John, I do not want to return to how things were, housing is bad, health care is bad, education is bad… But how does one move forward? 🤕 How does one fight this government, how does one provoke change, I’m just one woman, I feel helpless.

Another follower of John Boyega’s came with a very interesting and thought-provoking question, “Who are we fighting when we say we’re fighting the ‘old system’?”. This is something that every person asks themselves when they need to see change and successfully execute their ideas.

To this, he responds,

To agree doesn’t mean a thing.

The follower went on to make his points clear however, after this, John Boyega did not give any response. Leave us in the comments below what you think should happen to bring change.

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