J.K. Rowling Defends Controversial Comments

J.K Rowling landed herself in hot water when she made some controversial comments.

The 54 year old author shared an article titled “Creating a More Equal Post-COVID-19 World for People Who Menstruate” from a global health website. However, J.K had some confusion with the phrase “people who menstruate.”

“I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out,” she tweeted. “Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?”

Soon after J.K Rowling started trending on Twitter and people started calling her out for her comments. Many even started boycotting her and her work like Harry Potter, calling it transphobic. This also included some celebrities like Sarah Paulson and Jonathan Van Ness.

J.K Rowling Defends Herself After Backlash Over Transphobic Tweets

However, J.K penned down a personal essay to defend her comments from earlier which were labeled transphobic.

“This isn’t an easy piece to write, for reasons that will shortly become clear, but I know it’s time to explain myself on an issue surrounded by toxicity. I write this without any desire to add to that toxicity,” she began. “I’ve met trans people, and read sundry books, blogs and articles by trans people, gender specialists, intersex people, psychologists, safeguarding experts, social workers and doctors, and followed the discourse online and in traditional media.”

She continued, expressing her concern in an outburst of young women wishing to transition. And also expressed her concern for the increasing numbers of those wishing to de-transition.

J.K wrote, “Moreover, the ‘inclusive’ language that calls female people ‘menstruators’ and ‘people with v*lvas’ strikes many women as dehumanizing and demeaning. I understand why trans activists consider this language to be appropriate and kind, but for those of us who’ve had degrading slurs spat at us by violent men, it’s not neutral, it’s hostile and alienating.”

J.K then went on to reveal the past traumas of her life. She shared that she has been a victim of sexual assault and domestic abuse and how surviving these traumas helped shape her views and beliefs about women’s rights and trans issues.

She ended her essay asking people to have empathy for each other. “All I’m asking – all I want – is for similar empathy, similar understanding, to be extended to the many millions of women whose sole crime is wanting their concerns to be heard without receiving threats and abuse.”

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