Kelly Clarkson Files for Divorce from Brandon Blackstock

After seven years of marriage, Kelly Clarkson has filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock. While Kelly Clarkson’s divorce may come as a surprise to some, she might have been dropping hints for some time now.

Although they first met in 2006, it wasn’t until 2012 that they began dating.

When she met Brandon Blackstock in 2006, Clarkson knew he was the one. However, there was one problem at that time, Blackstock was already married. After six years, they met again and this time around, they were both single. Ten months later, Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock got engaged. Despite planning an elaborate wedding, the couple canceled it last minute. Later, they eloped and got married in 2013 in a small ceremony. Throughout their seven years of marriage, Kelly Clarkson had two kids with Blackstock. Recently, Kelly Clarkson’s divorce announcement came out and shocked her fans.

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While Kelly Clarkson’s divorce is announced recently, she might be dropping hints for some time.

A few days back, it was reported that Kelly Clarkson has filed for divorce and wanted joint custody of her kids. After seven years, Kelly Clarkson’s divorce is a surprise for many fans. However, she might have been hinting on problems in her marriage for some time now. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was in quarantine with her family in her Montana house. In April, Clarkson spends her 38th birthday alone by choice. After that, she also admitted that quarantine was hard and it was difficult spending time as a couple. Kelly Clarkson said:

“It can be depressing, this kind of isolation. It can be a little dark for everyone and there’s a lot of uncertainty. The good thing is that we haven’t had this much family time in forever. The bad is that we haven’t had this much family time in forever.”

These incidents suggest that Kelly Clarkson’s divorce was long coming. We hope that it gets easier for Clarkson and her family.

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