Dwayne The Rock Johnson Confronts Donald Trump In Angry Video

Where are you? Dwayne Johnson’s angry video aimed at Donald Trump is filled with this question as he asks the country’s leader why he has done nothing about the George Floyd incident yet. Johnson may have made his career in acting and wrestling, but he has plenty to say about the stuff happening in the country. Showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement, he also explained in the video why this is not about All Lives Matter. Insisting that all lives do matter, he clarified that in the inclusive culture of America, black lives also matter and that is what the protests are for.

Dwayne Johnson Urges Trump To Step Up

“When you say ‘I’m listening to you’, you’ll be surprised how people would respond, how Americans would respond… If you say to them, ‘I care about you, I’m listening to you. This is our country. You are all my people. And I take full responsibility and full accountability for something that has been hundreds of years of systemic disease. Why I am taking full accountability? Because I am your leader. I’m your leader and I’m gonna do everything I can to make this right.””

Dwayne Johnson continued to tutor Donald Trump on how to respond to an angry crowd that is rioting and protesting all across the United States. He told him that only if he responds with compassion and asks the angry people to give him time and a chance to show effort then he will make this right.

The Rock, Johnson, also thanked the rest of the world who also came out to show support for the Black Lives Matter protests. France, the UK, and other parts of Europe protested in front of their respective United States embassies to register their voice for the movement. He told them that the people of the United States are listening to them and watching their efforts.

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