Richard Madden and Froy Gutierrez Join LA Protest

First, they were quarantined together, now they are hitting the roads of LA to participate in protests together. While attending a march against George Floyd’s murder, Richard Madden and Froy Guiterrez were spotted together.

Before Froy Guiterrez, Brandon Flynn was King in the North’s roommate

Previously, Richard Madden was living with 13 Reasons Why’s Brandon Flynn. However, the pair had a falling out. In order to take revenge, Flynn asked Versace’s team to not invite Game of Throne star to their party. However, it seems that both have since moved on. Currently, Madden is quarantining at his co-star, Emilia Clarke’s LA house. Clarke charges 25000 dollars a month in rent which is a tremendous amount of money. However, Richard Madden is not alone in her Venice house. In order to keep him company, Teen Wolf’s Froy Guiterrez is also staying at Clarke’s house. Since the lockdown, Guiterrez has been posting dreamy pictures of himself on Instagram. We are guessing they were taken by Madden. Although they are living together, their relationship status is still unclear.

Recently, Richard Madden and Guiterrez were spotted together at the George Floyd protests.

Last week, tragedy struck when a cop killed George Floyd. After a video went viral, protests, march, and rallies took place in every city of America. Similarly, there were many protests taking place in LA as well. People from all walks of life, including many celebrities, came out to demand justice for George Floyd. Among others, Richard Madden and Froy Guiterrez also joined the protest. In an Instagram post, Guiterrez shared a video clip from the protest along with his selfie. He wrote in the caption:

The peaceful protest in Santa Monica this afternoon. #BlackLivesMatter – Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd. their lives matter. in order to end civil unrest, we must end the conditions that created it. check the link in my bio for ways you can help. stay safe everyone

His post was liked by Richard Madden and once again, raised suspicion about their relationship. It is about time that they come clean.

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