Bill Cosby Finally Getting What He Deserves

The popular comedian Bill Cosby who was once dubbed as ‘America’s Dad’ was charged with numerous sexual assault cases. But now, many of his victims can finally breathe freely since justice has prevailed. A Pennsylvania judge has ruled Bill Cosby as a violent sexual predator. And we’ll receive an announcement for his sentence very soon. Moreover, Bill Cosby will have to undergo counseling for the rest of his life. And also, his name will appear on the sex offenders’ registry. It seems like the time for sexual assault victims is going really well.

Allegations Against Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby was accused of molesting a woman at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. The case is currently at a justice court under Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill. The judge not just declared the entertainer as a sexually violent predator. But also announced that he had prepared extensively to give out the sentence and that the court will meet again on Tuesday to impose the punishment. The designation of predator allotted to Bill Cosby by the court implies that he is now  subject to lifetime reporting requirements. And he will also have to inform law enforcement agencies as to where he is residing.

Cosby’s Defense

Bill Cosby refused the opportunity to address the judge. However, District Attorney Kevin Steele advised the judge to impose at least 5 to 10 years in state prison. He also asked him to overrule defense arguments stating that Bill Cosby should have house arrest. But the defense attorney has rejected these contentions saying that Cosby is not dangerous. Moreover, his lawyer attempted to play the 81 year old blind man card. He said that Cosby recalled no incident like this as a defense.

#MeToo Allowing Justice to Occur

Dozens of women who accused Cosby of assaulting them attended the court hearings. In fact, Bill Cosby is the first celebrity from the #MeToo movement to receive punishment for his horrendous actions. The world is finally hearing the voices that were ignored for far too long.

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