How Liam Payne is interacting with fans in Quarantine

Liam of One Direction is one fun guy. He has a knack for being socially active and groovy. We love his music and work from when the band was together and now. One of his latest hits, ‘Midnight’ in collaboration with Alesso shows how dedicated he is to his fans and work. The entire song was created being 2000 miles away from Alesso and they even shot a video. He sure showed that COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) is not stopping him. To top it all, Liam Payne has been keeping his beloved fans engaged in Quarantine in many different ways at the same time. And we, are all for it!

How Liam Payne is staying in touch with fans in Quarantine

Alright so, the first thing would be how Liam Payne is doing many interviews to keep fans engaged and updated with the One Direction Reunion. Now it may not seem as much but, Liam is giving his fans constant updates and news to go about. This keeps them involved and also helps them stay up to date with their favorite musician.

Next, Liam Payne has set 2 teams on Twitter for his fans. The Purple House and the Blue house. These are two teams that are competing by creating games, stream parties, and threads to interact with one another and have some fun during Quarantine. There are giveaways that await at the end of Quarantine for the team that wins.

Lastly, Liam Payne has started his own YouTube series. as part of his #HomewithLiam initiative where he uploads weekly to keep fans updated on his life and everything that happened in the week. It is honestly too unreal that a celebrity would be going out of their way to keep fans entertained.

However, we have to say that one of the things fans most look forward to are updates from Liam Payne about the One Direction Reunion!

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