Game of Thrones Taught Natalie Dormer How To Be Alluring

There’s no doubt that Natalie Dormer was a massive revelation in Game of Thrones. And not just for the film industry, but for many hormonal teenagers as well. However, it also helped her become more alluring and seductive for the audience too. After all, the men (and many women) who watched her still aren’t over her. Here’s what Dormer thinks of how the show impacted her career.

Game of Thrones made her a great “seductress”

In an interview with The Mirror, Natalie Dormer admits that her roles have made her more seductive even in real life. She also opens up about how her strong female characters have helped her polish her acting skills:

I’m fascinated by powerful women who transform their strength into sensuality. I’m very shy in real life and I think there’s a side of me that hopes that by taking on these roles, I can become a great seductress.

And indeed, her role in Game of Thrones made her one of the most seductive actresses on screen. However, Natalie Dormer also wants to send positive messages to you women especially, saying:

But I also want to be part of stories that show how women can lead interesting, engaging lives apart from their romantic relationships. We need to keep sending that kind of message to young audiences, and young women in particular. I keep gaining confidence every time I play these kinds of women.

Moreover, Dormer admits that she goes out of her way to find characters that challenge her skills:

That’s why I want to find projects that frighten me in many respects, because I know at the end of it, I will be much more confident. “It’s the old saying, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. I believe in pushing myself whenever I can because I know that’s the best way I can grow as an individual.

If we think about it, Dormer’s role in Game of Thrones fulfills that criteria. This is because she was a young princess, on her way to marry a young king, in both Joffrey and Tommen. This gives young women interested in romantic relationships a different perspective on the idea.

Natalie Dormer opens up about “bullying” in school

She might have been a Queen in Game of Thrones, but that wasn’t how she was brought up. Natalie Dormer admits that she was bullied in school and recalls how it changed her and still drives her:

I suffered a lot of bullying in school and, ever since, I’ve made it a point not to back down and to rise up to every situation and become a stronger person. That’s a key aspect of my personality and how I try to live. I needed to work on my confidence level in my 20s until I became more forceful. I’m much more open now and I’m pretty straightforward.

Natalie Dormer on her complex role in Penny Dreadful

It’s common knowledge now that Natalie Dormer is playing Magda in the upcoming Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. It is a powerful and supernatural being that can transform into three different forms with complex motivations:

(Magda is) the ultimate agent of chaos who is trying to stir things up and expose the flaws in humanity. She’s very cynical about human nature and in the very first episode she explains her perspective. (Magda believes) ‘I give human beings a choice, but they choose time and time again to be seduced by the more base, selfish roles’.

Moreover, Dormer says that Penny Dreadful will also explore many philosophical questions about the nature of human beings.

Her argument is that mankind is its own worst enemy. One of the big philosophical questions the series poses is whether mankind is innately selfish and prejudiced, or whether there is something fundamentally good about being a human being.

Listening to this, we honestly cannot wait for Natalie Dormer’s role as Magda in the next Penny Dreadful. Here’s to hoping that she pulls it off again using the countless skills she acquired from Game of Thrones and the rest of her career!

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