The Weasley Family Reunion Meeting Every Harry Potter Fan Must Watch

This past Thursday, the Harry Potter fans were graced with a Weasley family reunion thanks to James & Oliver Phelps and Bonnie Wright. The two brothers run a podcast Double Trouble and this time they invited their former colleague who starred as Ginny Weasley in the eight-part movies inspired by J K Rowling novels. The trio went on to discuss their time filming for the Harry Potter series. Wright is also doing some environmental work. Also, we got to know that Ralph Waldo Emerson is focusing on literature. The meeting is wholesome, especially because the Phelps continued to call Wright “our little sis” when introducing her.

Weasleys Hold A Family Reunion Over Video Conference

Before we got a Weasley family reunion, the Phelps lets us know that they were going to talk about how they all felt during the filming days and what they are doing now. Quite right, Wright felt that this was the time when people preferred speaking to those who have gone distant. Social distancing has been taking a toll on everyone and reaching out to others to let them know about each other’s presence has been something that most people are doing.

For the three Weasleys, their family reunion turned into remembering their auditioning days and how they met during those days. Bonny Wright also revealed that she wasn’t given her lines for the King’s Cross station scene until the very end. That scene was not in the script she was not prepared for that either. Luckily for her and everyone, everything was done marvelously. Wright also revealed that she has been working for the environment by teaming up with Rainforest Alliance, an organization that works for the conservation of forests.

If anyone is feeling nostalgic about Harry Potters then check out the Weasley family reunion on Phelps’ podcast show below:

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