Miley Cyrus Speaks The Truth About Coronavirus & Her Privilege

The COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) pandemic has been sweeping the world with chaos and panic. People everywhere are losing jobs, struggling to make ends meet and what not. And that’s just the problems caused as a consequence to the virus. The damage because of the virus itself is incomparable. In tough times like these, there are a few celebrities who are using their platform to spread positivity. One of these is Miley Cyrus.

Miley has been holding live shows on her Instagram with other celebrities and influential people. She named these shows“Bright Minded.”

Before she started filming this show, Miley was hesitant. Mostly because she believed her experience of the coronavirus was different than the average man’s. And that was because of her privilege.

Probably the first celebrity to admit that their privilege gives them a certain advantage, Miley talks about the fact that she may not know the real pandemic that’s out there. And that’s because of her “unique position.”

Although she admits that her projects have been put on hold because of this pandemic, it doesn’t mean she knows what it’s like out there for the average American. She acknowledged the fact that her experience in isolation has been fairly easy.

She explained, “I know I’m in a unique position, and my experience with this pandemic is not like most everyone else’s in my country and around the world. My life has been pushed pause on, but really I have no idea what this pandemic is like. I am comfortable in my space and able to put food on my table and I am financially stable, and that’s just not the story for a lot of people.”

Miley Cyrus Talks About Celebrities And Their Privilege

When talking about some guests that she reached out to for her show, Bright Minded, Miley mentioned that some seemed hesitant. She understood that it might have something to do with what she was feeling as well. She said, “my experience is so rare, it almost doesn’t feel right to talk about. I’m sure a lot of the hesitation for other people saying yes to doing the show is because it almost doesn’t feel right for celebrities to share our experience. Because it just doesn’t compare.”

It’s honestly refreshing to see a celebrity who doesn’t try to say something that you know isn’t true. Or say how hard it is for them to isolate in a million dollar mansion that has everything in it. Miley changed that and was honest about her privilege and I think she should be appreciated for that. And more celebs need to learn from her.

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