Nikki Bella Was Raped Twice – Claims The Former Pro Wrestler

Former pro-wrestling superstar Nikki Bella claims that she was sexually assaulted twice as a teenager. She tells her story that the events led her to keep this a secret for many years before she finally spoke out. She revealed that not even her mom knew about these events until she finally wrote them down. The superstar revealed both of the incidents in her and Brie Bella’s memoir, Incomparable. She writes:

“My virginity was stolen from me, without my consent. I was raped by a guy I thought was a friend, while I was passed out at a party.”

Nikki Bella’s First Sexual Assault

Nikki Bella revealed her rape incidents by talking about her father. She writes that her father was controlling, abusive, and strict – someone who would never let her speak to boys. However, it was after her parent’s divorce that she got raped, on the Hyatt Hotel room’s floor. She detailed that she had drunk too many beers and alcohol at a gathering and when she recovered her senses, a guy was on top of her.

“I pushed him off and ran out of the room. He followed me down the hall and asked me if this meant we were now boyfriend/girlfriend. It is f**ked up, shocking in retrospect, that it never occurred to me to call the police.”

Nikki Bella then concludes this event by telling that her attacker never apologized nor feared about getting in trouble.

Bella’s Second Rape Encounter

Nikki Bella had to suffer from a second rape only a few months later from the first incident. This time a teenage Nikki attended a modeling competition with a friend in California where they met two guys in their college-age. The men invited them to their hotel room where they pressured them to drink orange juice and vodka from a jug. Immediately after drinking, Bella felt dizzy and walked off to the bathroom. One of the two guys followed her there and bashed her head against the sink. By the time Bella realized she was getting raped, she hit her attacker and ran away to her hotel room. There she found her friend in the shower, who apparently was also raped.

“We all decided to pretend like it had never happened. Even my mom is learning about this for the first time in this book.”

Her belief in the #MeToo movement has become stronger than ever now that she thinks about these incidents. She tells that it is easier to shame a person rather than show anger. And even easier to think one could have stopped it themself.

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