On May the 4th, Here Are Disney’s Best Star Wars Films, Ranked!

May the 4th be with you. Always.

It’s May the 4th! And there’s no better date to rewatch some of your favorite Star Wars films. But, I’m sure many of you have the original trilogies on your fingertips by now. And the prequels… well, the less we talk of them the better. George Lucas really messed up with them. However, the Disney Star Wars films deserve some recognition too. Therefore, I thought why not rank them from worst to best for the fans, so they can choose to watch them?

Here are Disney’s best Star Wars films ranked!

Some of you guys might not agree with my list. In fact, most of you won’t. But just hear me out once, okay?

5. Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker


Well, the less we say of this movie, the better. It isn’t just the worst of the recent Disney Star Wars movies, but it’s one of the worst in the entire Star Wars Canon. This film completely destroyed Rey’s entire timeline. I mean, the fact that she hadn’t descended from some Skywalker or Palpatine made her the most special character in the trilogy. The idea of the force being so strong with an ordinary human is just… beautiful. But nope, Disney went and screwed it all up. That and just the weird Star Destroyer battle, in the end, is just… weird. Therefore, I’m putting this as the worst Disney Star Wars film yet.

4. Episode 8: The Last Jedi


This movie tried some new things, we have to give it that. Killing Snoke off so early subverted our expectations a lot! Plus, Poe Dameron was really weird along with the resistance. He should have been tried for treason for not obeying their commands and killing off so many resistance fighters. But, this is Star Wars we’re talking about.

However, that final scene with Luke disappearing into oblivion and defeating the First Order without a single drop of blood was just breathtaking. His arc was perfect in this film, and for that this film deserves appreciation.

3. Episode 7: The Force Awakens


The Force Awakens was a good film. It was decent. I’m not going to say it was the best, but I enjoyed it. After the prequels, it was a breath of fresh air. And seeing Han Solo old and grey was nice to see. But I have to say, I couldn’t see the film again for quite some time because I cried like a baby when I saw him die.

And Finn has to be the best character in that film. The story of a stormtrooper realizing the cost of war and joining the resistance, for selfish reasons first and then turning selfless, was just amazing! Therefore, I rank this movie highly among the Disney Star Wars films.

2. Solo: A Star Wars Film


Okay, now this movie doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. It was a genuinely good all-round Star Wars film. In fact, it’s the best film on this list. The acting was on point, the plot was engaging, the characters were amazing, and Alden Ehrenreich played Han Solo perfectly. It’s really sad that this movie couldn’t do well financially, which is why Disney abandoned all the stand-alone films. And I have to say, this was the only film where Chewbacca was an actual character with motivations and a personality. Usually, Chewy is just comic relief. But in this film, we saw him fight for a proper cause he loved.

1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I have to admit, I might be slightly biased here. But I almost jumped off of my seat while watching this film. The first half was pretty boring I admit. And the characters were very bland and one dimensional. However, once the entire cast made it to Scarif, the film just transformed into something else.


The entire battle sequence on Scarif was just epic. The feeling that your heroes were going to die selflessly against the Empire took our breath away. Moreover, this is the only film that made the Empire look actually evil. Moreover, the cinematography of this film is just amazing. The shots of the Death Star emerging over Scarif and over the explosions were mindblowing. And to see your lead hero and heroine just sit at a beach, waiting for their death, content with their struggle, and with no romance involved or kissing was beautiful.


And then, when we thought the movie is done, we see DARTH VADER F*CK S**T UP. That was the biggest nerdgasm I ever had in my life. I died many deaths while watching the second half of that film. Overall, Solo might be the better movie, but Rogue One was far more memorable.


This concludes our list for May the 4th. The Disney Star Wars films have their flaws, but they did pull some incredible stuff off in some ways. And here’s a detailed review of the Disney Star Wars films that you guys might like too. So, in quarantine, take some time to watch these films, and May the 4th always be with you!

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