Olivia Wilde Announces Cast For Her Next Movie Project!

After the success of Booksmart, Olivia Wilde’s directing a new film with new cast members. Recently, the names of her next film’s cast were revealed.

Despite being an established actress, Olivia Wilde delved into the world of film direction

In 2003, she began her acting career with television and played the character of Alex Kelly in The O.C. However, her film career started when she starred in a high school romantic comedy, The Girl Next Door. Since then, Olivia Wilde has appeared in several films and played Remy Hadley in the infamous TV show, House. The list of her films includes Alpha Dog, Her, Drinking Buddies, and The Longest Week. However, Olivia Wilde’s directing debut came in 2019 when she directed Booksmart. Based on two high-achievers who are about to graduate from high school, it’s one of a kind coming-of-age film. Despite being the top graders of their class, the girls realize they did not have enough fun and want to make the most of their last night before graduation. While the actors, Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein were praise for their incredible performances, Olivia Wilde’s directing style received a lot of appreciation. The film got many nominations including a Golden Globe and BAFTA.


Recently, it was revealed that Olivia Wilde’s directing a new film with a new stellar cast

Her next film project, Don’t Worry Darling, is a psychological thriller. According to the synopsis, the story revolves around a 1950s housewife who lives in a utopian community in a California desert. Her life becomes chaotic when a truth is revealed. This is the second time Olivia Wilde’s directing a film. Recently, she announced the cast of the film on social media. Along with Florence Pugh, Chris Pine and Shia LaBeouf are going to star in the film. In a Twitter post, Wilde wrote:

This cast is B A N A N A S. I’m the happiest director in the world. To say that I’m honored/excited/elated/shitting myself would be a massive understatement.

On the other hand, Florence Pugh also expressed her excitement over joining Olivia Wilde’s film.

Although it is exciting news, the filming cannot begin until the coronavirus pandemic is over. Hopefully, it would be soon.

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