Did Ninja AKA Tyler Blevins Spot Some Aliens While Stargazing?

Microsoft streamer Ninja, aka Richard Tyler Blevins, is one of the top-rated gaming streamers in the world. He gained significant hype ever since he stepped into the world of Epic Games’ Fortnite. Later, when he switched from Twitch to MS’s Mixer it got even better for him. With a huge fan following when he says something people are there to listen to him. The Mixer streamer made waves on social media when he uploaded a video of flashing lights in the sky. He was stargazing with his wife when he spotted ‘aliens’. Although the ‘UFO encounter’ had simple reasoning behind it, the story kept us engaged.

Did Ninja Actually Spot Aliens At Night?

Ninja caught the limelight for the most unusual of reasons – he spotted aliens. He quickly took to Twitter to speak about his UFO sighting, asking fans to explain what he saw. Take a look:

In a reply to fans asking him details, Ninja uploaded a single picture he took that showed ‘UFOs’ in the sky. Interestingly, he was correct all along, he did see something in the night sky. However, did Ninja see aliens?

No. It was Dr. Lupo who finally solved the alien mystery for Ninja (and everybody else). Blevins’ friend and a fellow colleague in the streaming world, Lupo explained that he actually saw SpaceX’s Starlink satellites.

SpaceX has launched a project, what they call it Starlink. It is a series of satellites orbiting the planet that will provide internet access to tens of millions of people. Those who cannot afford high-speed internet in rural areas, SpaceX will be working to provide for them. The brightness of these satellites is only due to the sunlight reflecting off their solar panels.

According to one Twitter user, SpaceX is currently working to reduce the brightness of the satellites, which will automatically happen once they align with each other and the planet correctly.

Why is SpaceX doing this? Check out this video for more information:

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