You can be in Gabbie Hanna’s Next Music Video

Gabbie Hanna is at it! After constant fan requests to put out new music, the month of May would come as a pleasant surprise for them. We have already heard and loved Dandelion. The song of a girl who never fit in. To be honest, the song feels a bit like the ugly ducking metaphor. I mean, Dandelion is a weed and the Ugly Duckling just was not a duckling. Never meant to fit in with the rest of the crowd. Creative. So anyway, before we get carried away, Gabbie Hanna just announced her next single! Glass House is the name and it comes out on the first of May. Less than a week to go! But here is the best part, you can be in Gabbie Hanna’s music video for the song.

P.S. She has an announcement coming on May 5th. We wonder what it could be.  But, it is something other than the book and the EP. She will reveal the release date of the EP on the day Glass House comes out.

Gabbie Hanna wants you to be in her Glass House Music Video!

So, in the video, Gabbie Hanna announces that her new song Glass House is coming out and, she would love for her fans to be a part of the music video. Since it is hard to shoot music videos in Quarantine, Gabbie turns to her fans for help. This will be a little different from her usual videos that are coded with hidden messages. OR maybe not. But whatever we expect, we can know for sure that the video is its own world of creativity.

So, what do you need to do to be a part of the music video?

Gabbie Hanna wants you to comment the words mentioned in the picture above on this post on her Instagram for you to feature in the music video. Simple as that. Although, we did find a pattern to these words. The video might be lyrics with your comment as the lyric words.

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