Banned Alinity Twitch facing racism on her n*p color

Yes, seriously.

The people who have been trying to get Alinity banned from Twitch, are finally relieved when she got banned from the server after ages. However, It is still not what they all wanted. Alinity Twitch can be defined as one of the most controversial streamers on Twitch. And that’s solely due to the fact that she never got banned even when things got out of hands multiple times. She threw her cat, she was seen mistreating her pets, fed her cat with vodka, kicked her dog, etc. Her dog even tried sniffing her private parts while she was trying to work out. Recently, she flashed her viewers during a live stream. She wasn’t banned at first but then Twitch made the bold decision of banning Alinity. That’s when history was made. But, even after that, she is still facing racism for all the wrong reasons.

Alinity Twitch Banned, the new issue begins

So far people had an issue that Alinity is allegedly a favorite streamer of Twitch. They kept giving her a wide berth after all of her previous shenanigans. Even she said she is getting herself suspended for three days even if Twitch fails to take an action against her. Her accidental n*p slip has made it to Pornhub. And it is also a trending “Search” these days. However, even after Alinity Twitch is banned for a while, some people have a new issue with her.

Yes, it has something to do with her flashing while streaming. No, it is not about getting her permanently banned from Twitch. We are talking about some of the people who are criticizing Alinity due to her n*p color. Alinity, who was accused of using N-word, is facing racism. The sick people are asking her why her n**ple color is dark. They are making fun of her to the extent that she had to post a dedicated tweet just to handle them.

Racism & OnlyFans

We all may not be her fans, but criticism should never be that personal. You have issue with her, fine. But do not pull out the racist gun. Here are some tweets of people criticizing Alinity just because they believe they have a right to do so.

And Alinity is clapping back at racists.

Some are crossing the limits while others are demanding Alinity to drop the other one as well.

And here is another genius asking Alinity to make an OnlyFans account.

We don’t know when Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon will be back on Twitch. However, we do know that people are being unfair by demanding OnlyFans account and being racist.

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