Jameela Jamil Setting the World Right One Body Shamer at a Time

Jameela Jamil has once again become one of the most favorite personalities ever. The brilliant actor is on a mission to fix the patriarchal world to ensure women stop cycles of self-hatred due to bad media influences. After expressing how she believed that the Kardashians were a toxic influence on young women, it seemed quite fitting that she was gone to fight yet another battle when a random guy at her gym tried to body shame her. With her head held high and a badass attitude creating awe in her fans, she coached that man right back to his place.

Jameela Jamil added her fiery response in a viral video on Twitter. And it has already been shared more than 10,000 times on Twitter.

Jameela Jamil Coaches Stranger For Body Shaming

Apparently, it was an ordinary day for Jameela Jamil at the gym. But then the unfortunate stranger approached her and asked her what workout she had just been doing. She responded saying that she was cycling because she had anxiety. And that it was the very reason that she joined the gym. The stranger than just went on to tell her that he had seen her around previously. And every time he saw her, he wondered what it was a shame and that she could look so much better. Then, he further told Jameela Jamil the many things that she could do to improve her body. While narrating the entire episode in a video on social media, Jameela Jamil said that he essentially body-shamed her in the middle of the gym.

Jameela Jamil explained in her eloquent tone that she came to the gym to combat her anxiety, not to please any other man. This highlights the fact of how we as a society never encourage people to lead better lives but instead discourage them when their process of improvement doesn’t perfectly align with ours.

There is a common fear of being judged at the gym. But Jameela wants to have none of it and she sends us a special message to not care what anyone thinks of our bodies. She loves her curves and edges and she goes to the gym for herself. That’s a mindset one should go to when going in the gym. The people who are just there to pick on others may be just projecting their own insecurities onto you.

Jameela Jamil’s Open Letter

Jameela Jamil has also drafted an open letter on all this for the HuffPost. She has shared all the exact details about the incident at the gym. And expressed how surprised the man looked when she told him that she was actually happy with her body.

In the letter, Jameela Jamil taunted saying it’s fascinating how it’s 2018. But people still had the audacity to consider it their duty and right to walk up to someone and tell them that they are not good enough. Further, she wrote that people always influence the way that we approach exercise. She also placed a greater emphasis on the way that exercise could have beneficial health impacts, especially on our minds. Finally, Jameela Jamil said that everybody deserved to feel happy and strong. Nobody owes anything to anyone and she swore that if they felt it, they would feel amazing.

Reactions On Jameela Jamil’s Response

After coaching the stranger whose body shamed her, Jameela Jamil’s video went viral. Twitter was sharing it almost everywhere and twitter users were getting back to the actress applauding her courage. Women especially expressed their gratitude to her for standing up. After that particular video, Jameela Jamil added another video mocking the stranger who tried to body shame her. She was eating a burger, and in the caption, she dedicated it to the stranger at the gym. She even added the hashtag #ohwellbruv.

People started responding to her sharing their own tales of being body shamed. One woman wrote that it was her bigger fear when going to the gym. She said that she had awful anxiety and she knew she could help it if she gathered the courage to hit the gym. But the very fear of being judged there paralyzes her. Another person wrote a tweet saying that it’s awful but it happens to them almost all the time. Others were questioning how people developed their unsolicited tip list on how to become hotter. One woman even thanked Jameela for mentioning people larger than her size. And said that a complete stranger on the street walked up to her and told her he was proud of her for walking.

Celebrities like Jameela Jamil are the type of women that we need!

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