What Chris Hemsworth Did To Brad Pitt When They First Met

If you were to meet Brad Pitt in real life, how would you react? Will you be able to act normal and unmoved, or freak out and go a bit insane? Similarly, Chris Hemsworth was so starstruck to see the Fight Club actor that he did something unexpected.

While Brad Pitt has been in the industry for the past 33 years, Thor star has 18 years of acting experience

Although he had been in the film industry since 1987, Brad Pitt gained recognition with Thelma and Louise. Instantly after that, he became one of the most popular actors in the 90s. His most incredible films of that era include Legends of the Fall, A River Runs Through It, Interview with the Vampire, 12 Monkeys, Se7en and Fight Club. Since then, he is included in the world’s best know actors who have made a difference in the progress of filmmaking. Last year, Brad Pitt won his first Oscar as an actor for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

On the other hand, Australian born actor, Chris Hemsworth started his career with the Australian TV show, Home and Away. However, he moved to Hollywood in 2009 and starred in films like Star Trek and A Perfect Gateway. Initially, Chris Hemsworth got small parts in films. However, he became the ultimate heartthrob when he joined the Marvel world. Since 2011, he has been playing the superhero, Thor.

Last year, Chris Hemsworth met Pitt at his film’s premiere and could not hold back

Along with his wife, Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth was invited to the premiere of Brad Pitt’s film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. This was the first time when Thor star met Pitt. Just like the rest of the world, Hemsworth felt starstruck and overwhelmed. While talking about this chance meeting, Chris Hemsworth said:

‘I met Brad Pitt actually at the Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood premiere. He went to do a handshake and I went for the hug, he was fine with it. He was as wonderful and pleasant as I’d hoped and imagined.’


Furthermore, he said:

 “I didn’t get attacked by security team or anything. It was fantastic.”

Despite being an A-list celebrity, Chris Hemsworth lost his footing in the presence of Brad Pitt and we don’t blame him at all. Such is the charisma of the Fight Club star.

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