Chris Hemsworth & Wife Elsa Pataky’s Toilet Paper Accident

The news of a lockdown all over the globe sent everyone into panic mode. They started raiding the supermarkets, stocking up on everything in bulk quantities. However, the one item that soon ran out at the supermarkets after hand sanitizer, is toilet paper. Since toilet paper is a quintessential item, people thought better safe than sorry. And turns out, Chris Hemsworth is the same. Although his toilet paper story is a little more unusual than you’d think.

During one of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s at-home episodes, Chris Hemsworth admitted he and his wife, Elsa Pataky didn’t need to panic buy toilet paper since they were all set.

“My wife was ordering a box of toilet paper, like, three months ago and thought it was 15 rolls and ordered 15 boxes. So, unintentionally, we’re stocked. We can bootleg this stuff if need be, but we have 15 boxes of toilet paper there,” he told Jimmy.

Chris Hemsworth Talks Life In Quarantine With His Family

While discussing his family, Chris also opened up about what life is like homeschooling his kids. He revealed his teaching skills weren’t the best and he’s trying but failing miserably. The reason is that everything has changed ever since he was in school, even the way they did math. And it takes about four or five hours for him to negotiate and bribe his kids to study. Which leads to about 20 minutes of actual work.

Upon answering how quarantine is going spending time with three young children, he revealed mowing the lawn has become a great distraction. Chris added, “It’s usually around school time that the lawns need to be mowed conveniently. ‘Honey, that lawn’s growing. It’s a jungle out there. I gotta get to it, sorry.'”

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