Hugh Jackman calls Ryan Reynolds “gum on his shoe”

Even during this coronavirus lockdown, Ryan Reynolds has not failed to keep us entertained. The feud between him and Hugh Jackman is legendary, to say the least. It has even political ads and meme templates. Ryan Reynolds quipped at Jackman’s wife Deb, and Jackman is not going to take this lately. It seems that their truce was much more temporary than expected.

Who actually did start the feud?

It all started when Ryan Reynolds started an online petition for Hugh Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine. It sort of escalated over time, with both sides throwing punches when it cooled down. At one point, Ryan Reynolds even aired a TV ad pointed at Jackman. It was aimed at his movie The Front Runner where his character runs for President:

Jackman fired back at him by posting a video on his Twitter, where his dog does his business on a picture of Reynolds. The hilarious feud also involved Ryan and Hugh’s companies. Both of them were challenged to make an ad promoting the others’ company. And it was not what you would have expected.

Did Ryan go too far with Jackman’s wife?

Hugh Jackman posted a picture with his wife on his Instagram for their 24th anniversary. However, Ryan Reynolds took this moment to roast Jackman, commenting “Hang in there, Deb!”. And it looks like Jackman is not going to roll over and take these remarks. On the Late Late Show with James Corden, he said that Reynolds was like a “dog with a bone” and “gum on your shoe”. Moreover, he said that this was just a light description of what he thought of him. The actor went on to say:

As usual. He just has to have the last laugh, the last word, doesn’t he? I’ll get him back. I’ll get him back, man.


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