Josh Brolin apologises for irresponsible picture

Quarantine has been imposed by the government for a reason. It is to make sure that the impact of the virus falls down. An increased number of cases pose a lot of threats to hospitals. The government is doing their job and it is important that each individual does their own part as well. That will only be possible by staying home. However, famous actor Josh Brolin faced criticism for not following the rules.

Josh Brolin apologized to his fans

A similar incident happened to James Brolin, aka Thanos. A few days ago, he posted a family picture when he took his family to meet his father and stepmom. After his fans saw that he has broken the lockdown rules, they fired up his Instagram. They were all angry that how can he be so irresponsible during this time. Josh Brolin is a great actor which is why a lot of people look up to him. When people see big names in the industry not following the rules, it is when things lose their balance. So, everyone ends up thinking this situation isn’t that bad. We’ll also go to meet up with friends and family.
After all that happened, Josh Brolin deleted the picture from his Instagram account. He then uploaded a three-minute-long video explaining himself. Not only that but he told his followers that he is thankful for their concern and reminder of priorities in such times. Josh Brolin assured his followers that he follows all the precautions and will be extra careful onwards.

I know that there’s some people out there using no masks, no gloves, and have no interest in it and they think it’s in your head, that you’ll survive because of an immunity that’s created by your own psychic… for me that’s not the case.

Watch Josh Brolin’s entire video that he posted on Instagram to apologize here.
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