Hailey Baldwin congratulates sister Alaia on her pregnancy

Quarantine has slowed things down. Well, this is a fact which no one is going to argue with. But people are still doing things indoors to give themselves a feeling of sanity. Some are coping by trying out new things. While others are face timing with their friends and family to catch up. And some are celebrating birthdays as well. Read on for a similar story in Hailey Baldwin’s family.

Hailey Baldwin congratulates her sister

On April 18, 2020, Hailey Baldwin’s sister Alaia Baldwin posted something that shook the entire family. Though everyone was expecting something as it was her husband’s birthday. But Alaia decided to turn the post into something else – an announcement. So, she posted a baby bump with her husband. Yes, she is expecting a child and it is due in August 2020. Such a piece of happy news for the family in these difficult times, right?

Well, like us, Hailey Baldwin couldn’t contain her delight either. As she jumped under her sister’s comment section. She congratulated her sister and wrote ‘SCREAMING’. It’s obvious that she was physically doing that in her house as well. Soon after that, Hailey Baldwin posted the happy news on her Instagram stories. Additionally, she told her followers, if it wasn’t obvious already, that she is going to be an aunt soon. We’re all happy for the Baldwin family. In an interview, Hailey told Vogue Arabia that she is excited to start a family with her husband. But it’s not going to happen for some time in the near future for sure. She wants to give it time just like Justin Bieber. Justin also said that he wants to enjoy his time with his wife. But somewhere in the future, he definitely wants to start a family with Hailey Baldwin.

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