Henry Cavill No Longer Playing Superman

Henry Cavill is reported to be leaving his role as Superman after contract discussions with Warner Bros broke down. Considering that Henry Cavill has been Superman for three films, DC cinematic universe might be losing an asset. But from the looks of it, it’s apparent that Warner Bros does not have to stress over the DC film series.

Henry Cavill Exits Role As Superman

Henry Cavill is parting ways with Warner Bros after playing Superman for three movies. First, he took up the role for Man Of Steel in 2013. And then in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  in 2016. For the last time he donned the blue suit for Justice League last year. But it was the end of it, and he’ll probably never be Superman again.

After Henry Cavill appeared in Mission: Impossible- Fallout, Warner Bros tried to get him for a Superman cameo in the upcoming Shazam! which stars Zachary Levi. But contract talks between the actor and studio did not work out. And that also put an end to all other Superman performances that Henry Cavill could deliver. There are multiple information leaks suggesting why things did not work out between Henry Cavill and Warner Bros. Apparently, there was a schedule conflict. And that could be true considering that Henry also signed up for Netflix’s series The Witcher. However, other sources claimed that he agreed to star in the Netflix series after talks with the studio broke down.

Warner Bros might not be losing much. After all, it’s just Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill who are segueing out. The rest of the onscreen cast of Justice League is still on board with the studio. Gal Gadot will be returning in Wonder Woman 1984 that releases in November next year. Jason Momoa will be leading a solo Aquaman movie this December. And Ezra Miller will soon be starring in a Flash movie which has still not started shooting.

Henry Cavill No Longer Needed As Superman?

Well, is Warner Bros or the DC Cinematic Universe even losing much with Henry Cavill not being the Superman anymore? Or more clearly put, does the studio need any actor to be Superman now? Probably not. In fact, the franchise needs no Superman or Batman anymore.

One reason why this might be true is that Warner Bros have shifted their focus to having a Supergirl movie. And this time it would be all about featuring a teen super-heroine. This theory effectively removes any man as aged as Henry Cavill out of the Superman picture. Because to balance the equation here, Superman must be an infant.

Secondly, it is unlikely that in the coming many years, Warner Bros would produce another Superman movie. An inside source claimed that Superman was like James Bond. And that after a certain run, the need to look at new actor arises. And that’s probably the reason that Ben Affleck would also not return as Batman in Matt Reeves’s upcoming standalone film.

It seems like the DC Universe is all set for a whole new direction!

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