Will The Americans Be Able To Walk Out With Its Rightful Emmys

I do not know if the Emmy nods The Americans’ last season has registered are more of a eulogy than an appreciation. FX’s The Americans has been sacredly missed out from several nominations in the past, and all of a sudden we can now find it on practically every Emmy nomination list. I’m obviously not saying that the show does not deserve this acclaim. But I am rather perplexed at if this honor has to do more with the shows death than its performance itself.

The Americans gave us a heart-wrenching, yet hopeful finale. And this remains to be the case for fans’ expectations about the show’s performance at the Emmys. The Americans was able to snag several crucial nominations; it’s up in the race for the best show. Furthermore, its brilliant leads Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, are campaigning for the titles of Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress in a Drama Series respectively. There is evidently stiff competition, and the duller node is people who know the adversaries better than they know The Americans.  According to several critics, it is ideally the shadow winner in numerous categories. But, it is yet to been seen if it gets a status elevation from ‘shadow’ to ‘known’.

Will The Americans Become Emmy’s Outstanding Drama Series?

The Americans is currently competing against TV giants “Game of Thrones”, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “The Crown”, “This is Us”, “ Stranger Things”, and “Westworld”. Having secured its second Emmy nomination in the same category for its soul-wrenching finale season, The Americans puts forth a significant challenge for several newcomers.

The Americans deserves a win in the Outstanding Drama Series Category. No doubt that all other contestants are magnificent entertainers, but they fall in the list more for their brand names. These were not their best years. Also, the fact that there between The Americans’ two nominations, establishes it clearly that the finale season carried some tremendous quality that brought it back in the game.

The chances for this spy drama to sneak in the award here are; however, slim. The Academy is more focused on the competition between its two past winners: Game Of Thrones and The Handmaid’s Tale. So, it is unlikely that The Americans will be able to rise above this highly publicized rivalry. In short, though it should win; it probably won’t.

Keri Russell, Emmy’s Outstanding Drama Lead Actress?

The other significant nomination The Americans holds is for The Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series category.  The competition here is obviously tough too. Sandra Oh, Claire Foy, and Elisabeth Moss are all deserving winners. When pitted against The Americans’ Keri Russell, Sandra and Claire do not exactly register an equally strong performance, and trail behind just a bit. Moss, however, is phenomenal. With one Emmy already in hand, she is all geared up for her second win.

Russell delivered a powerful conclusion to the six-season saga as an undercover Russian KGI spy. She was showered with critical adoration and deserves her parting prize. Moss has an advantage of familiarity. People know her for bagging nominations for Mad Men plus her stint as June surpassed all performances in dystopian history. Moss; however, has a chance to grab more Emmys before The Handmaid’s Tale exits. So, maybe the academy will rightfully handle the prize to Russell. He

What About The Outstanding Male Actor In A Drama Series, Will Matthew Rhys Make It Big?

Matthew Rhys has a brighter chance of grabbing his award than Russell or the show itself. The competition is a bight lighter. Sterling K. Brown already has two Emmys, so it is highly unlikely that The Academy will let him build a streak. Westworld fans will be torn between the two nominations on the list, thus dividing the votes. If Rhys eventually wins, it will be justified. He has been, along with his co-star, the driving force behind the show. He is, was, and will always be a star. So Emmy will probably declare Rhys as its Outstanding Male Lead, to commemorate Rhys stardom.

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