Piers Morgan Apologizes To Lady Gaga!

We’ve seen Piers Morgan talk about everything on Twitter. After all, that’s the secret to his fame. And he usually has controversial opinions on everything, to say the least. However, this time he had to take back his words and apologize for a chance. And it was none other than Lady Gaga herself!

What was Piers Morgan sorry for?

Morgan is famous for his lack of restraint while criticizing anyone. He previously called Gal Gadot and other celebrities who made the Imagine Cover ‘Cov-idiots‘. And he tried to do something similar to Lady Gaga on April 6th too. Upon learning that she will be featuring in a World Health Organization press conference, he lashed out against her. This is what he tweeted:

As usual, Piers Morgan didn’t show a lot of restraint in his words. But, as fate had it, he was forced to take back his words for Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga blew everyone away at the One World: Together at Home concert


As I wrote before, she was one of the co-organizers at this concert and managed to collect $127 million! After learning this, and realizing how Lady Gaga had used her platform as a celebrity for so much good, Piers Morgan was forced to eat his own words. He apologized and tweeted:


However, One World: Together At Home wasn’t her only contribution to Coronavirus relief. She previously raised $35 million for WHO as well. She has become one of the few celebrities who are actually using their platform for good. Lady Gaga has become more of a shining beacon of hope among celebrities who aren’t doing much for the people who need help in lockdown. And other celebrities should take note.

But of course, that doesn’t mean Lady Gaga fans forgot to remind Piers Morgan in the replies about what little he had done. In fact, some of the replies were so funny that they deserve a special place in this article:

Honestly, some people on Twitter have the most brutal replies. But, Piers Morgan can try to use some restraint in his words too. At least, that can save him from some serious embarrassment.

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