Kaia Gerber or a mermaid in the pool?

You may know Kaia Gerber as Cindy Crawford’s daughter. Or, you may know her as the 18-year-old model who might be the next Kendall Jenner. Whatever the case, you must admit to this: Kaia Gerber is hella pretty! She is definitely making the most of her time during this coronavirus lockdown. While most of us are stuck in our apartments, Kaia is brushing up on her swimming skills!

Is it a mermaid, or is it Kaia Gerber?

Kaia Gerber can definitely afford a pool in her mansion, being Cindy Crawford’s daughter and a model herself. She can’t go to the beach for a tan, but she can definitely go for a swim. She shared a glimpse into her self-isolation on Instagram:

The teenager took to Instagram to share a couple of pictures of her swimming. She looks in great form as ever! She simply added a waving emoji 👋🏼 in the caption. Kaia looked like a mermaid in the picture, with her brunette hair flowing in the water. Moreover, she is completely under the crystal clear water, so who knows? Maybe she knows how to breathe underwater. She is definitely enjoying her quarantine in a black bikini! But the better question is, who took the picture?

Is Cole Sprouse cheating on Lili Reinhart?

If you check the comments on Kaia’s posts, you would see people tagging Cole Sprouse and Lil Reinhart. What is up with that, you may ask. Well, there have been a lot of rumors that Cole is dating Kaia Gerber. He is dating Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart for many months, so it is certainly an awkward situation. However, Kaia is also in a relationship with Pete Davidson. She has been dating the 26-year-old for a few months now. She has neither confirmed nor denied any rumors at this point.

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