Why Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine So Important

In all honesty, Helena Cassadine stayed dead longer than Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  NBC did not even wait a day after Fox’s cancellation before it turbulently seized the cancelled series for a reorder.  For Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it was a close brush with death, but for the cult show’s loyalists, it was a moment of triumph.  Fox decision of not letting a Brooklyn Nine-Nine sixth season see the daylight was met with an extensive public outcry.  It was a golden opportunity for NBC, by pulling the fan-beloved sitcom away from the deadly hollows, it instantly became a savior. But, that is just not it. NBC has recently given fans another reason to rejoice! The hilarious promo and release date of season 6 made everyone joyous indeed. What’s more is that our very own Stephanie Beatriz will even direct an episode!

NBC Saves the Day

Over the weekend, NBC declared that it is picking up five more episodes for the sixth innings of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The network had originally ordered the 13 episodes for the show’s new season. So now, it means that the upcoming season has 18 episodes. Though still less than the regular 22- 24 episode order, the additional episodes strongly indicate the trust that NBC places its adoptive series.

NBC moved in to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine marking a historic moment. When the series was canceled, swarms of disheartened fans petitioned against the catastrophe. Taking the internet by storm, they set ablaze all the social media platforms. There were rants, legal petitions, tweets, and even physical protests against the cruel cancellation of their favorite show. Although Fox turned a deaf ear to the quiet voices of its loyal viewers, their endeavors did not go futile as NBC promptly entered to save the day.

Power of Fans

If the entire opera around Brooklyn nine-nine’s cancellation teaches us anything, it is the power of a fan campaign. TV shows are made for the audience. If there are no spectators, there is no show. So better give the viewers what they want instead of redefining content on your own terms. Ratings and audience are both, heartbeats of any show. And, at the end of the day, ratings do matter.

Some people remark that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is overrated. If you haven’t watched the show yet, you can still safely bet on it to be good. Why? Well, the simple answer is, Mike Schur has created the show. Schur’s work includes The Office, Parks and Recreation, The Good Place, and The SNL Weekend Update. Provided all this, the assumption that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has to be good must come naturally to you.

The Show’s Growth

Even if Brooklyn Nine-Nine wasn’t a masterpiece to start with, it later became one. The best part about Nine-Nine is all the characters and actors have naturally evolved on the show.  Samberg’s Peralta grew to his need for self-glory to become a Good Samaritan, who now orients himself towards the collaborative development of his team. Rosa Diaz’s romance is ideally the highlight of every season, and Gina’s quirkiness has processed her into a laughter generating Bohemian. Hitchcock and Scully have also broken loose from their initial premise of fools running around, to become the show’s comic powerhouses.  Boyle now was a pliant magnificence to his caprice.

Terry Crews’ Jeffords, a straight-up denial of every single assumption about the threat of black masculinity, is another mascot to the show. Brooklyn Nine-Nine won’t typecast for looks, nor would it belittle the intensity of the breach of minority rights. With Jeffords character, Brooklyn Nine-Nine delightfully tackles racial discrimination at workplace, at times, going to the extent of putting facts against white people.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the wittiest, silliest, craziest, wackiest comedy to come our way in at least a decade. We sincerely hope that this new dawn brings 18 no-fail episodes for the show. Even if the worst becomes the case, the revival alone is enough to cherish.

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