Chris Hemsworth Pays Tribute To The Avengers: Endgame Stuntmen

Chris Hemsworth praises his Avenger’s Endgame stuntmen’s contributions via his twitter post. The Australian Thor thanked his double stuntman in great words. He acknowledges all the hard work and overloads these stuntmen bear and support the actors plus the success of the movies. He particularly pointed a very risky scene and posted the clip in his tweet where he thought the stuntman has risked his life.

Chris Hemsworth Admired The  Avenger Endgame Stuntmen

During this depressing quarantine period the dashing actor value time and paid tribute to his double stunt for his support and risky adventures.

The Stuntmen Are At Risks.

We all knew that actors have to undergo physical transformations to breathe life in blockbusters. However, it’s not just the popular actors who have to strive a lot, there are some real heroes behind those perilous acts.

The stunt doubles not only just add flavor in the thrilling effects, they, in fact, have to do extra efforts to look alike their counter actors. The same is true for  Chris Hemsworth’s stuntman. From Star Trek to Thor to Avengers Endgame these stuntmen has to struggle a lot.

One of his stuntmen, Bobby Holland, in fact, commented on his hard work

Thor is definitely the most difficult character that we have to get in shape for. Chris is already huge, he’s much bigger than me naturally so I have to train twice a day.

Bobby Holland Hanton has to face all those dangerous stunts with aching bumps and bruises. Another feature that has become crucial for a stunt is the look-alike physique. For this, Bobby and similar stuntmen receive multiple pieces of training and peculiar eating schedules and diets. Fueling and refueling muscle to grow and recover muscles is another gasping challenge.

Two Stunt Demises

Two of the unfortunate stunt deaths were recorded in previous years. First, on the set of The Walking Dead,  a 33-year-old stuntman, John Bernecker died after falling 30 feet onto concrete. Second is the tragedy on the set of Deadpool 2, where a stuntwoman Joi Harris was killed in a motorcycle accident. The later was the sport’s first black female pioneer and has joined the industry for the first time.

Chris Hemsworth In Netflix Extraction

Chris Hemsworth will soon appear in the Netflix big-budget action film Extraction. Hemsworth, in fact, plays Tyler Rake, a damaged mercenary who rescues the kidnapped son of an Indian crime lord from the dangerous streets of  Dhaka. Avengers: Endgame director, Joe Russo wrote the script, while renowned stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave (Endgame, Thor: Ragnarok) steered the film. The movie is said to release on April 24th.

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