Jake Paul Posts Semi-N*de Photo and May Make OF

So, I was going through my Instagram and came across this picture of Jake Paul. Which is like super explicit. And I questioned myself why these n*de pictures of random celebrities keep on popping in front of my eyes. I mean, it’s kind of disturbing.

As we all know, Jake Paul never fails to surprise us with new stuff. He jumps from one relationship to another as people jump on monkey bars. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and see if his latest ex-girlfriend is going to come back into his life or not.

Jake Paul’s Life Consist Of Some Crazy Relationship Drama

Jake and Tana Mongeau started dating last year in April. They got engaged and even got married in a lavish (yet not so lavish) way. And after a few months into their marriage, things didn’t work out as planned. So, the couple parted ways in January 2020.

The very confused Jake posted this picture after parting ways with his dear ex-wife.

His ex-wife Tana also mentioned during an interview that she wanted him to be there for her. But he was too busy prepping for his boxing matches and had other responsibilities. He became a completely different person after tying the knot.

He should have waited at least 6-8 months before moving on to another relationship. Anyways, Jake decided to propose to the reality star/model, Julia Rose shortly after his breakup with Tana. Julia was actually spotted multiple times on his Instagram posts.

And after a few days of their relationship, Jake announced the news of their split up. But neither he nor Julia cared to address the actual cause of their breakup.

What’s The Reason Behind Posting The Crazy Semi-N


So I was going through my Instagram feed this morning and look what I brought for you guys from the story section.

A semi-n*de picture of Jake is a little less disturbing than the one he has posted on his Instagram Profile.

Jake mentioned at the story’s beginning, ‘Sent a lot of sh*t today’. Then he ended the story with ‘& SENT A N*DE TO INSTAGRAM’.

And it’s not the first time he is posting something like this. Jake has posted completely bare pictures in the past on social media and deleted them later because of the policy guidelines.

So, maybe he was bored out of his mind and tried entertaining himself in front of the mirror. And thought about the quickest way one could earn money or gain followers. A lot of people are having a hard time keeping up with their sexual desires these days anyway.

We won’t be able to find out unless he spills the coffee beans himself.

Is Jake Paul Trying To Throw Shade At Ex-Wife Tana?

Now let’s talk about the picture which Jake has posted on his Instagram with a very odd caption.


So the caption goes like this:

“3 million likes and I’ll make an only f*n”.

And please don’t doubt my photoshop skills. I just wanted to hide the prawn because I like prawns (the actual prawns, you dirty-minded people).

Jake Paul might be shading his exes in a not-so-subtle way. His ex-wife Tana Mongeau recently announced that she might be joining OnlyF*** soon. And fans think this ‘soon’ is never going to come as there are no posts from Tana on the website.

It might also be a way to gain more followers and earn money. Moreover, his ex-girlfriend Julia Rose is also running an adult magazine: ShagMag. So, now we know where this craziness is actually coming from.

Is there a possibility that Jake is trying to kill two birds at a time? Or, he just wants to find an easy way to earn money and/or followers?

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