Hailey Baldwin flaunts navel piercing in sizzling hot swimsuit

Hailey Baldwin Bieber might not be your regular Disney Princess, but she is pretty hot. She keeps herself fit and healthy and that’s all we could only dream of. (Especially in these quarantined days when laziness is at its peak.) While Justin Bieber and Hailey cannot enjoy a sunny day at the beach these days. However, that did not stop Hailey from posting a sizzling hot picture of herself wearing a Dior swimsuit.

Hailey Baldwin flaunts navel piercing & swimsuit

It’s probably one of her best throwback pictures to date as you can see from the indefinite number of likes on the picture. In 18 hours, it has already got more than a million likes. However, since Hailey controls the comments on the images, you can only see a limited number of comments on the picture.

Hailey has paired her Gray Dior string bikini, with her ear and navel piercing on display. Other complimenting accessories include sunglasses, rings, and a watch. Hailey Baldwin is definitely craving the sun and missing Jamaica.

The picture was taken by Justine Skye and she reminded Hailey Baldwin Bieber to give her the credits.

Missing friends as well

Just a few days ago, Hailey Bieber posted a collection of pictures from Coachella 2018-19. Kendall Jenner was also in the pictures and she commented on how she was missing those days as well.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Bieber were recently criticized for bragging about their wealth. The couple was live streaming with Kendall Jenner while they discussed how “blessed” they are due to their wealth.

Will she succeed in making haters forget about her comment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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