Chrissy Teigen Sex Dream about John Legend has a deep meaning

Well, everyone is in a state of worry and panic these days due to the coronavirus. But Thank Lord for Chrissy Teigen and her tweets. Without them, we would not survive this quarantine. This woman is so unapologetically open about her life. Whether it be her kids, her thoughts on food, her husband John Legend or the sex dreams she has of him. Yes! Recently, Chrissy Teigen opened up about the sex dream she had with her husband.

The sex dream is not as steamy as you might think

I thought the tweet was going to take a steamy turn but I was completely surprised. Here goes the tweet:

I had a dream john and I were having the sex in my closet and he made me thank him for each piece of clothing, shoes, bags. Then I woke up and was like I bought this stuff!!! why are my dreams so insecure.
Well goddamn! I thought this was going to be NSFW but this turned out to be actually serious. While, Chrissy is just posting a hilarious tweet, and it is one, it does have a deeper meaning behind it.


Chrissy Teigen’s opens up about her insecurity

The model claims that in the dream John Legend made her thank him for every piece of item she owns in the closet. Now, that may be because John Legend’s music career gave him more wealth compared to that of hers. Legend has won awards for his wealth as well, in fact, he’s an EGOT. That means his music has earned him an Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar, and a Tony! In 2020, John Legend’s net worth was almost $45 million. Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen is a beloved model and actress but she hasn’t been in much showbiz. She’s been on Lip Sync Battle and recently produced a new show ‘Chrissy’s Court’. Her net worth is $11 million, even though she’s one of the highest-paid models in 2018.

If we look at it from just a monetary point of view, then yes John Legend may be more successful. But Chrissy Teigen is a strong working woman, mother of two, who has modeled for big brands, produced her own Quibi show, is a successful author of New York Times Best Seller. Plus, she’s the damn mayor of Twitter. Chrissy Teigen’s tweets bring joy to millions, and she even took on the president of the United States in a Twitter feud and completely won. If you ask me, she’s just as successful!

Her insecurity might be because she had to struggle a lot financially. During the start of her career, Chrissy Teigen faced many hardships. The model didn’t even have a bank account and had to eat mostly McDonald’s in order to save up some money.

Keeping all this in mind, it’s easy to understand how a huge celebrity like Chrissy Teigen is insecure at times. Plus, a fan even pointed out how Chrissy’s insecurities may be brought on by all the hate comments she sees online:

Chrissy Teigen definitely agrees because Twitter is a place where people don’t hesitate to spew hatred at celebrities.

Well, quarantine is making me read too much into witty tweets by celebrities. I hope yours is going much better! And I hope everyone backs off Chrissy’s case. She’s a gem we ought to cherish.

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