Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia twinning in adorable outfits

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham strolls outside during the quarantine with her eleven-year-old daughter, Sophia. They take a stroll on Easter’s day in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The twenty-eight-year-old mom stepped out wearing a tie-dye jumpsuit twinning with her daughter. And she accessorized it with bunny ears for Easter’s. Both mom and daughter duo were appropriately dressed in caution amid coronavirus pandemic. And they wore matching surgical masks and gloves too.

The reality TV star, immediately gained attraction as the photo surfaced. But guess the attention wasn’t for the mom and daughter fashion ensemble. It was, in fact, aimed at their dog that Farrah held in her left arm.

The dog named Cupcake attracted all the attention owing to its’ fashion ensemble! The dog is a white fur dog whose white fur is dyed purple!

Keyboard warriors against Farrah Abraham

Last month Farrah faced a frenzy of a social media storm. And they were blaming her for mistreating her pets. This happened after she posted an Instagram video. In the video Cupcake was wearing a muzzle and Farrah’s Pomeranian Boo is seen completely dyed in blue.

According to Daily Mail UK, Farrah did not budge after the negative comments and trolling she received. She then went on to give an interview to TMZ where she spoke about the hate speech she got after the post.

She captioned her post saying:

”for those who do not know what dog training muzzles are. Go to your nearest pet store and learn more and why they can be helpful in training.”

Farrah’s early life

Farrah Abraham started off her television career at sixteen when she was pregnant with Sophia. She had to raise Sophia on her own because her husband passed away due to a car crash in 2008.

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