Books to read while in quarantine!

After spending more than a month in the worldwide Quarantine, I have realized I now have the time to catch up on all the reading I haven’t had the time to do. Being obsessed with novels and as a lover of the classics, it’s hard for me to hold myself back from buying them all year long. However, even harder it is to read all of them with a busy routine. After a while, I have found myself realizing how good this reading has been at this time. Books do have a certain way of taking you to a world where your world does not exist. Here are a few books I have read during Quarantine and I’m sure, you’ll enjoy them too!

Books that will help you feel good in Quarantine

1) Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

I cannot-not start with Jane Austen. A classic novel with a feel of the olden times. Pride and Prejudice is the story of Elizabeth and Darcy, a girl from a middle-class family and a man of his own making. Their romance is out of this world as the two struggle with their own overpowering traits. In this Quarantine, re-reading this book pulled me right back into those parades, and balls and the kisses in the rain.

2) Who are you really and what do you want? – Shad Helmstetter

They say Quarantine time is self-care time. I could not agree more! In the crowds of the world, it is easy to lose the meaning of self. And at this time-out COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) has provided us with, we can all use some self-analysis. This book by Shad Helmstetter, a bestseller, helps you find simple ways to look into your soul. You do not have to question yourself constantly. Just give it a read, and the rest shall follow.

3) After Series – Anna Todd

If you are a fan of some good old romance, this series is the way to go for you during Quarantine. The story follows Hardin and Tessa, two college students who are polar opposites, collide as their lives entangled. You will cry, laugh, feel the romance and feel the heartbreak. The entire series is a roller coaster. The series was originally written on Wattpad as a fan fiction dedicated to One Direction member and singer Harry Styles. Well, safe to say you can read it during Quarantine because this is a good time for all One Direction fans. After getting over a billion reads, the story progressed into a feel-good novel on your book store shelves.

4) Where’d you Go, Bernadette

I have been sitting on this one for over a year now! The comedy novel actually makes me feel bad that it has been sitting on my shelf for quite some months now. The story follows a 15-year-old whose mother, Bernadette, disappears right before their big family trip to Antarctica. You can definitely dive into the adventure to cure your Quarantine boredom with this book.

So far these have been my favorite reads through Quarantine. And since it does not seem like it is going to be over anytime soon, I will be sure to add to the list!

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