Dwayne Johnson Spills Tea on his Favorite Role that he lost to Tom Cruise!

What could've been...

Dwayne Johnson or The Rock is one of the biggest stars of Hollywood at the moment. His acting credits include highly successful projects such as The Fast Saga (5 to 8 along with a spinoff), Jumanji series, Moana, etc. However, there’s one role that the professional wrestling legend couldn’t land despite wanting it so bad. That role ended up going to Tom Cruise instead.

The Rock Reveals that he wanted to Play Jack Reacher!

Dwayne Johnson has been spilling tea on a lot of stories lately. His Instagram profile and YouTube channel are must-visits these days. While answering a fan question during an Instagram session, he talked about the time he really wanted the role of Jack Reacher. He said (thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription),

The question was, ‘Was there ever a role in Hollywood that I wanted so badly and I didn’t get it and it went to someone else?’ That answer is yes, that role is Jack Reacher and of course, it went to Tom Cruise.

The Rock explained that at that time (around 10 years ago), Cruise was the bigger star between the two. So, the casting made sense after all. “The Great One” also stated that every role he has played since the inception of his Hollywood career was created for him. While explaining how actors in Hollywood are kind of in a box, he said,

There are actors that can vie for a particular role because it allows for them to have a certain look, skin color, size, etc. Fortunately, for me, there aren’t a lot of guys at all who look like me. So, all of my roles, from the beginning of my career, I’ve been a lucky son of a b—h that they’ve been created and designed for me – except Jack Reacher.


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Did Dwayne Johnson get Snubbed for Jack Reacher?

Yes, we agree that Tom Cruise did a phenomenal job as the lone-wolf Jack Reacher. However, when you check the physical description of the character in question, it is almost a role tailored for The Rock. The character is billed at 6 feet 5 inches and between 210 – 250 pounds. If that doesn’t describe The Rock, we don’t know what else does!

In the end, what matters is that everything turned out to be right. The Rock has found immense success in Hollywood. Cruise, on the other hand, continues to thrive in the action genre. We are grateful to both of these stars for blessing the entertainment industry!

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