Taika Waititi Spills Details Of Thor: Love and Thunder with Tessa Thompson

Honestly, quarantine has us desperate for even the smallest news about the MCU. But this time, we got some actual news coming towards us. And it’s about the upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder. Moreover, it’s coming directly from the director, Taika Waititi. He spilled some details about the film on Instagram live with Tessa Thompson and Mark Ruffalo!

Taika Waititi goes live on Instagram

He announced on Instagram that he’ll be going live, with a few unexpected guests. As it turns out, it was none other than Tessa Thompson and later Mark Ruffalo himself. In this live session, Taika Waititi and co revealed a lot of details.

Firstly, the fourth edition of Thor is going to be crazier than ever. Waititi confirmed that it will be more out-of-this-world than Thor: Ragnarok, meaning that we’ll get to see more space adventures! He joked that:

It’s like 10-year-olds told us what should be in a movie and we said yes to every single thing.

Moreover, we’re going to see more LGBTQ characters in the MCU! It’s about time the community got more representation, and Taika Waititi is making sure of it this time. He’s in search of a Queen for Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie. But, sadly we won’t be getting a lover for Waititi’s character Korg, who’s gay in the comics! However, we might get more insight into Krog’s Kronan culture. Oh and, we might get to see Space Sharks in Love and Thunder too!

Other than that, they confirmed that the film is right now four or five drafts deep. After that, Waititi invited the Hulk himself!

Ruffalo joins the party

Once Taika Waititi was done with Thompson, he invited Mark Ruffalo to the session. Together they discussed the amazing time they had while shooting Thor: Ragnarok and has some fun while being live.

What we know about Love and Thunder


Other than these updates, we know that Natalie Portman will be playing female Thor in Love and Thunder along with co-star Chris Hemsworth. Furthermore, Christian Bale is also set for his MCU debut in the film. But, it’ll be a while till we get to see it on the silver screen. Due to Coronavirus, Marvel had to delay the release of every film of MCU’s phase 4. Now, Thor: Love and Thunder is shifted to February 18th, 2022 instead of November 5th, 2021. Let’s hope we get to see the brilliance of Taika Waititi in it because that’s all that matters.

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