These Three Characters Should Not Return To Riverdale In Season 3

The return of Riverdale is just round the corner, and with CW dropping its latest 30 second trailer we can already count on the show to be as magnificent as its earlier seasons. The series premieres this fall, October 10th, 2018, and will air on the CW every Wednesday.

Now that we have a trailer, there is obviously a lot to discuss, and a lot to expect. But, before we can see ahead, there are a lot of loose strings from season one and two that need to be tied together.

Riverdale boasts an ensemble cast of incredible characters. These are what make the show a brand in itself, adding to its splendor and fetching for it numbers. Because we know the Riverdale residents better than we should, it would not be wrong of us if we put forward a list of characters we think should be exiled from the town, or at least from our TV screens. But before we go ahead be warned, this post contains spoilers!

Hal Cooper

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No offense, but It was outright dumb to call Hal a nice guy in the first place. I mean yeah, he does look like a run-off-the-mill blue collar harmless dad, but even Grundy did not look like a pedophile(it’s probably the wrong word, but I’ll still go with it coz Archie is pretty much a baby, baby Arch bxsdjg).  From not being given much screen space to turning into Riverdale’s sacred monster, Hal has always been excess; he was excessively unavailable during the course of the first season, and excessively bad in season 2. It honestly feels like the makers have Hal as their guinea pig, who gets regularly transferred into different pens to spice up the storyline.

Hal never did anything good, most of the time he was absent, and when he would be there, he would either be forcing his pregnant daughter or wife into abortion, abandoning his children with weird, creepy nuns, or more simply making attempts at hiding dark family secrets. He is in prison right now, for very understandable reasons, and we hope that this remains the case for the rest of the season as well.

Shove it Hal.

Nick St. Clair

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I would have actually pardoned Hal, if he had actually killed this freak. Nick, by far, is the sickest character on Riverdale (apart from whoever Chic really was). He’s by far the sickest character on Riverdale who isn’t mentally challenged. He’s a typical spoiled rich brat who think the world owes him something. That self-entitlement leads to him assaulting our beloved girls in Riverdale.

Well, that obviously won’t be tolerated. He has to leave forever now! Nick has a limp now, but I really wish that his lower body gets completely paralyzed; that would have serve him right. Even after all he had done, Nick dared to make a comeback, evaporating even the slightest empathy that had arisen for his rather pathetic condition. The Nick conflict has been resolved, and there is not much to talk about. If the gross guy does not make another appearance, it would probably be for the better.

Sierra McCoy

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The fabulous mayor of Riverdale, a sultry siren who is there to woo you. Mayor McCoy isn’t exactly the leader of color we were looking for. Sierra shouldered two big responsibilities: to standout as a woman, and to standout as woman of color. She failed them both. Her persistent greed for power and money denied her off the major feats she was capable of achieving.

Maybe dating the town’s sheriff isn’t that bad, but dating the town’s sheriff whose wife is literally missing without the knowledge of his son in an extra-marital affair surely is. She resigns from her position out of the fear of this affair being made public. It wasn’t due to the law and order situations that have seen a precipitous decline in her reign allegedly but it so was.

People were stabbed to death at events where the mayor was physically present, yet she has absolutely no idea of what is going on around her. Maybe it’s because she still lives in her own world. Her primary concerns are business with the Lodges, creating civil rifts, denying Jughead his civil rights.  Parenting, town administration and law are all subsidiary issues that she has nothing to do with. She is at times a motivating mother, but that is literally the only good aspect.

Towards the end of season 2 we saw her resigning from her post and guiding Fred affirmatively over his election campaign. To sum this all up we saw her being bad, and we saw her facing the consequences (at least a bit) .Then there was some basic realization. When all this is put together, there isn’t much left to explore.

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    I agree with Hal being a guineapig for this series! This is very well put together!!

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