Bhad Bhabie claps back on Blackfishing accusations

Bhad Bhabie will keep making headlines for one reason or the other one. But she is not going to take the blackfishing allegations lightly. Recently, the cash me ousside girl had her makeup done and she shared it with her fans on Instagram. Even though the makeup itself is on point. However, something felt amiss to many of the fans and they were quick to point it out. She is criticized for using a darker foundation that makes her look “tan”. Many objected on Danielle Bregoli pretending to be of different race. (Though none of them questioned if it’s a recent post, what happened to social distancing?)

What led to the criticism?

Bhad Bhabie posted three new video clips in two different looks on the Instagram. Probably channeling Cardi B if you focus on her wigs, Bhabie was having a little fun during a shoot. But this is how the fans reacted:

Someone also commented on the two different skin tones visible in the video: “Why ya face darker then the rest of your body“. “The confidence to even post this knowing yo foundation don’t match”.

Bhad Bhabie claps back

Bhad Bhabie was not happy with the criticism on her glam. She clapped back at the critics through her Instagram stories. One highlights the fact that she was on Dr. Phil show, from where she got the fame.

She didn’t mind trending on the social apps due to her darker toned makeup and people calling her out. However, she did ask her followers to focus on the important things.

The makeup artist receives criticism as well

It was not just Bhad Bhabie who received criticism over her tanned makeup. Her makeup artist, Alexandrè Jairus, also received inquiries about why he did not have the right color foundation for Bhabie.

Alex Jairus has not addressed any of the questions. However, he was happy to glam up his “baby-sister”. If you do not focus on the skin tone, many fans are finding her makeup pretty dope.

Do you think her makeup look is a form of cultural appropriation? Drop your views in the comments below.

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